‘League of Legends’ New Champion Neeko, the Curious Chameleon Lets Players Shapeshift to Victory

Neeko, the Curious Chameleon is League of Legends ' next champion. Teased earlier this week with a watercolor animation, Riot Games just revealed the shape-shifting reptile in a teaser video. She seems to be a mage or support with a unique power: the ability to temporarily transform into ally champions. It's a unique mechanic we haven't seen implemented like this in a MOBA. Want to have your jungle ganking top but need pressure bottom? Show up with two Warwicks and watch the enemy get confused.

Expect to see Neeko on the PBE very shortly, potentially in the next week. Personally, I feel like she resembles the old Leblanc. The ability to summon two versions of yourself is useful in high- ELO games, where players are actually smart enough to use the skill properly. But in Bronze and Silver, I can see a lot of Neekos just feeding. I don't care if you have 1,000 games on Master Yi and you are hard stuck Bronze IV, you shouldn't be trying to invade just because Neeko decided to cover for you.

neeko splash art
Neeko Splash Art Riot Games

Neeko is champion 142, and further proof that Riot Games needs to be more creative. Even a brand-new champion who's a literal chameleon still uses abilities that aren't entirely new. She slows down enemies with a giant blob of magical energy and has an AOE explosion that would make Nunu and Willump go “damn.” She might be fun to play, but she could also be just as broken as Zoe.

Neeko's backstory is sad and tragic. Her homeland, an island in the middle of nowhere, gets destroyed in the Cataclysm and she is forced to shapeshift into a bird to get away. She eventually gets saved by a fisherman, who brings her to shore and a new world she finds hard to understand. Running into the forest, she meets up with Nidalee who accepted her into her tribe. But Neeko needed to see the world and headed out on her own.