Neekolul, 'OK Boomer' TikTok Star, Faces Backlash Over $2m Apartment Tour

An internet star who went viral for a video supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has come under fire for giving her fans a tour of what she says is her $2 million apartment.

Nicole Sanchez, who is better known by her username Neekolul, is the TikTok star behind the viral "ok, boomer" video, in which she danced wearing a "Bernie" shirt. The video has been viewed more than 50 million times on Twitter since it was uploaded in March 2020.

Okie BOOMER KEKW #Bernie2020 🇺🇸✨

— neekolul 🏳️‍🌈 (@neekolul) March 2, 2020

She also danced to the song a year after it went viral wearing a shirt from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's official merchandise that read "Tax the Rich."

On Tuesday, Neekolul shared a video to YouTube titled "$2,000,000 Apartment Tour! (My New Apartment)."

The tour showed off a kitchen with an empty wine fridge and a Nespresso machine, with Neekolul pointing out that she does not drink coffee. She then showed her bedroom and en suite bathroom with views over Dallas, Texas, before giving her viewers a glimpse into her walk-in closet.

Neekolul finished off the tour by showing off her office and streaming space, which had been decorated with gifts from her fans.

Beamer Girl 💙

— neekolul 🏳️‍🌈 (@neekolul) May 26, 2021

The video has been met with backlash from social media users and has received 14,000 thumbs down on YouTube, compared to 2,000 thumbs up.

Neekolul has come under fire for the tour as viewers say it contradicts her "socialist" views, while others say it is "tone-deaf." She has also been accused of moving to Texas to pay less tax.

The top comments under the YouTube video are critical of the influencer, like one viewer who said: "lmao I wonder how many homeless people she can see from her $2,000,000 apartment."

On Twitter, one critic said: "Thought she was a socialist who didn't like capitalism, now she's flexing how much money she has," while another said: "They're always socialist until it's their money and not someone else's."

Neekolul explained her views in a video uploaded in March and suggested that she hasn't changed her political views despite making more money.

In the video, she said: "Whatever I'm making now compared to [when the ok boomer video went viral], I would see if people would be upset if I didn't have those views anymore, and I was like suddenly, 'I don't care about that.'

"That's definitely something to be [called hypocritical], but I feel like there should be more people like me that think if you're doing better, it shouldn't change your train of thought. All I'm doing is standing by the beliefs that I started off with and I'm here.

"Whether I'm making this money or not, I just feel like it's definitely not something to be rude about."

But Neekolul's comments in this video were also met with criticism, as she also said: "I think when people mean tax the rich, at the end of the day they do mean billionaires and people that have insane, unfathomable amounts of wealth."

Newsweek has contacted Neekolul for comment.

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