Negotiations Edition

Labor Day has the CW in the mood for productive negotiations--but the world isn't always obliging. If the IRA and the PLO can make peace, why can't the baseball owners?

Players Conventional Wisdom Cuba +/- U.S. policy about as effective as an exploding cigar. CW sez: send 'em back. Haiti - Would cost half a billion, minimum, to invade. Where's the CIA when you need it? N. Korea +/- Film-loving Kim won't talk to South. Forget Carter: send Warren Beatty as envoy. N. Ireland + Ceasefire puts bombmakers in the red, pub keepers in the black. Pass the stout. Baseball - Season's over and so is your hold on America. Say it ain't so, greedheads. Traffic - Talk about a tough thing to negotiate! Monday night on the expressway: now that's gridlock!