Neighbor's 'Annoying' Notes on Woman's Car Sparks Debate: 'Go Cry About It'

A woman with a vintage convertible is dealing with a neighbor leaving notes on her car, which has sparked a debate over the situation.

The TikTok recounting the events, captioned, "This is the second note on my car in the last week SOS," has been viewed over 446,000 times and liked 26,000 times since it was shared on March 14.

The nine-second clip posted by user @karinaablackk, or Karina Black, started with the TikToker walking over to her car, which has a cover over it, as music played.

On the side of the cover was a note taped to it. "We live on a tiny street and frankly it is very rude to 'store' your car here," the note read. "Our street would appreciate if you move it somewhere else. Thank you."

"My neighbor is so annoying," the TikToker said in a voice overlay. "My car isn't stored, I just don't leave my house that much. What should I say back? Lol."

The woman took the note off her car before the video cut off as she looked away from the camera. In separate comments, the TikToker offered up more information. "I just got my car a week ago, and it's a vintage convertible, so I like to keep it covered," she wrote.

Car with covering
A neighbor's "annoying" notes on a woman's car sparked a debate in a viral TikTok. Here, a vintage car with a covering over it outside townhomes. KRBLOKHIN/GETTY

A survey from Ally Home found that 67 percent of those surveyed said past "unhappy neighbor experiences" made them see how important good neighbors are. About 55 percent actually avoid difficult neighbors, and 32 percent "dislike nosey neighbors."

The TikToker also revealed it's a public street, however, her neighbor is the only one that has private parking. People had a lot of opinions about the situation, and a debate ensued in the comments with a lot of people on the woman's side of things.

Many viewers offered up advice on what the TikToker should say back to her neighbor. "Tell them to go live on a different street," a viewer suggested.

Comments came rolling in about how the woman should handle the situation going forward. One person suggested the TikToker say, "It's a public street. I live here. Sorry, I don't leave my house often. Don't be that neighbor."

Some people had questions about the whole situation. "Where else do they expect you to put it?" a TikToker asked. "It's a car." The creator of the clip revealed she's parked next to her house as well.

Another viewer pointed out that the neighbor doesn't actually "own the street," adding, "so nothing they can do but complain. Tell them to go cry about it."

One TikToker thought the creator should leave out a donation box for gas contributions "so you can drive more often. Gas prices are outrageous right now."

While another viewer said they'd buy a whole other car and include a sign on it that says, "My other car wasn't being stored, but this one is. Have a good day."

But a TikTok user didn't think the woman should "lower" herself by doing the same thing the neighbor did. "Catch them in the act with a surveillance camera and report to police," they added. "Stalking is a crime."

Another TikToker pointed out that people "think everything is about them, like yes, I 'stored' this car here to be rude. There couldn't be any other reason."

Newsweek reached out to @karinaablackk for comment.