Read Neighbors' Salty Notes on Mom's Door After She Made Noise Complaint

A series of notes left in an apartment building has captured viral attention on Reddit. User u/LifebyIkea shared pictures of the notes left in their building on the popular r/funny forum, where it has received more than 40,000 upvotes.

"I really didn't notice the first note beyond seeing a pink note on the door," LifebyIkea told Newsweek. "It wasn't anything I felt like I needed to look at."

Not getting along with neighbors is nothing new. In a 2022 LendingTree survey of 1,537 people, 73 percent said that they dislike at least one of their neighbors.

But when the second note appeared, LifebyIkea was more interested.

"I was mostly just surprised at such an intense response to a note," the poster said. "As it continued, I was just amused at the ludicrousness of people seeing a note on a door, going back to their apartment, finding paper and tape, and adding to this note that was essentially a neighbor disagreement."

Notes on apartment door
Pictures of the notes on the apartment door in Kansas City that sparked conversation on Reddit. LifebyIkea/Reddit

The caption of the Reddit post read: "Apparently no one in my building cares for kids." In the picture, four handwritten notes presented a conversation between residents of the building in Kansas City, Missouri.

A note read: "Hey! You mind not letting your door fall behind you and slam early in the AM and late at night? It's super loud and wakes up our baby. Thanks!"

But the note was not well received, and soon a reply appeared on another scrap of paper that said: "F*** those b****** and their kid. Close your door however you want."

Before long, other notes appeared in response with furious residents expressing their opinion on the door request.

"I agree!!" said one note. "Ain't nobody said s*** about your door closing. F*** the Karens! Let that door close however you want!"

Another follow up note appeared to just want to get in on the action and said: "I didn't want to be left out. I heard about this thread on a door. I would like to add my 2 c. 1. There's a baby here??? 2. I've never heard any drama about the 2nd floor and I talk to everyone."

Most likely to dislike those living nearby were Gen Z (ages 18 to 25) and people living in apartments, according to LendingTree. More than one in 10 admitted they had even moved to get away from a bad neighbor.

Arguments between neighbors aren't uncommon. From confronting people about noise to disputes about parking, people making enemies of neighbors is a common theme online.

Amused by the "ludicrousy," they shared the pictures on Reddit to see what other people thought. Before long, the internet picked up the neighbor dispute and Redditors started sharing their thoughts.

"The internet comment section is leaking," said one commenter, while another wrote: "This makes me so thankful I don't live in an apartment anymore."

Others agreed that the request was reasonable. One user wrote: "I mean maybe just don't slam doors in general? If people can hear it in their apartments, baby or no baby, it's too loud."

"She could have worded it better but I don't understand the pile on for a reasonable request," said another reply.

The Redditor was shocked by the response to their post. "I expected maybe 100 likes and a few comments," said the poster. "It kind of blew up and according to Reddit's stats more than 6 million people have seen it.

"Reading the comments has been fun—it's oddly polarizing, some side with the mom that posted the original note, other people with the notes after."

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