How Nelly's X-Rated Mistake Got Him Trending Online

Nelly is trending after he mistakenly posted an X-rated video on Instagram.

The 47-year-old rapper—real name Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.—shared a clip of an unknown woman performing oral sex on a man in a "private" video that was "never meant to go public."

Although the two people in the video have not been identified, social media is alight with speculation that the man is Nelly himself.

What Happened With Nelly?

Late on Tuesday night, the rapper uploaded the eye-catching video to his Instagram Stories. As soon as he noticed his mistake, he removed the clip, but by that point social media users had captured the footage and it began to circulate online.

The 45-second video reportedly shows a man receiving oral sex from a woman. The woman has not been identified and the man's face is never seen. Since the clip was shared on his Instagram account, many social media users are jumping to the conclusion that the male body is Nelly himself. He has not confirmed whether this is the case.

What Nelly Has Said About the Leak

When Nelly's name began trending on social media, he made a statement about the video to TMZ. "I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family. This is unwanted publicity for her/them," he said. "This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public."

Nelly's team have also confirmed they are looking into what happened as the rapper's account may have been hacked, which could lead to more of his private content appearing online.

Online Reaction to Nelly's Video Leak

Many of the online reactions to the video are emphatically NSFW—commenting on the appearance of the man in the video and the noises being made.

However, other social media comments referred to the recent "feud" between Nelly and Madonna.

At the end of January, Madonna posted a series of photos of herself in lingerie on Instagram. About 500,000 people liked the images, but Nelly was apparently not one of them. He commented on the post: "Some things should just be left covered up."

Now, just over a week later, people are suggesting the tables have turned on Nelly.

User @Lebang_moloi shared a video of a maniacal laugh, suggesting it represented Madonna's reaction to the leak.

@RickyFierce, @YourFavez and @marveltx all pointed out that the rapper had just criticized Madonna for raunchy online content. One wrote: "Damn Nelly! He told Madonna to cover up when he should have."

Nelly backstage
Nelly, pictured here backstage at a San Francisco music festival, accidentally released an X-rated video on his social media account. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Outside Lands