Jamie Foxx Joins Jaden Smith in Netflix 'Neo Yokio' This December

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'Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas' arrives Dec. 7. Netflix

Neo Yokio returns to Netflix Dec. 7, but not for Season 2. The Jaden Smith-led animated series made waves (and lots of Toblerone memes) when it premiered last September. The upcoming Holiday special, dubbed Pink Christmas, adds another high profile actor to a cast that already includes Jude Law, Jason Schwartzman and Susan Sarandon. A new poster lists Jamie Foxx in an unknown role.

The teaser for the Christmas special features a snowy New York City and gimplse of Polo, Louis Vuitton and Gucci storefronts. The only description of Pink Christmas so far is from the Neo Yokio Twitter account: "spending Christmas with my aunts in Neo Yokio … what could go wrong." Kaz's aunt, Agatha (voiced by Sarandon), is his closest relative.

Neo Yokio is set in an alternate version of New York City where magicians are the elite class of society. Smith's character, Kaz Kaan, and Law's character, Charles (a robot), hunt down the city's remaining demons all while enjoying the fruits of his family's generational wealth.

Following a recent breakup with Cathy (voiced by Alexa Chung), Kaz is obsessed with maintaining his city-wide bachelor ranking so he pretty much only does bougie, rich kid stuff with his friends Gottlieb and Lexy, voiced by Desus & Mero respectively. Schwartzman voices Kaz's nemesis Arcangelo, who's also on the top of the bachelor rankings. Tavi Gevinson voices a contemporary named Helena, an ex-fashion blogger who was possessed by a Chanel suit.

.@toblerone what about a christmas special? pic.twitter.com/mkFKixlmUc

— Neo Yokio (@NeoYokio) October 9, 2018

The series is developed by Ezra Koenig of the band Vampire Weekend, co-produced by Production IG and Studio Deen, and directed by Kazuhiro Furahashi and Junji Nishimura. Neo Yokio has not yet been renewed for a Season 2 on Netflix. The first season is now streaming.