Netflix Game Show 'Floor Is Lava' Leads Top 10, and Now Your Weekend Plans

If you're looking for something lighthearted and comical to binge-watch this weekend, Netflix has you covered. The streaming platform released its agility-based competition show, Floor Is Lava, and not only is it relatable but it's a delight to watch.

The series capitalizes on the childhood concept that the "floor is lava." If you used to climb around the furniture in your home to avoid touching the "lava" floor, you'll probably be great at the game, which takes the idea to new heights. Adults face a series of obstacles in a lava-filled room and have to get to the other side without falling in. It's harder than it looks, and the show boasts some pretty epic falls.

Of course, if Floor Is Lava isn't your speed, there are other, darker options. Here are Netflix's official top 10 offerings this week and what the internet thinks about them.

Floor Is Lava
"Floor Is Lava," Netflix's latest competition show, features a lava-filled obstacle course. Netflix/Patrick Wymore

Floor Is Lava

has anyone else watched the new “game show” on netflix The Floor Is Lava.... WHERE DOES THE PERSON GO WHEN THEY FALL IN

— bethany (@365HUl) June 19, 2020

Leading the list is the game show that will make you want to get on top of your furniture and cross the living room without touching the floor. Contestants invent paths around a lava-filled room in order to cross over the bubbling liquid, and more often than not they find themselves in some sticky situations.

The Order

Rewatched The Order on Netflix so I could properly watch season 2, and it’s better than I remembered. But it’s also possible I only think this because Randall and Hamish are there.

— Katie M. Johnson🌹 (@Katiereads1878) June 21, 2020

This dark drama takes viewers inside a secret order, but there's so much more to the story than just the ominous idea of a secret society. Jack Morton is trying to get justice for his dead mother and stumbles into a supernatural world.

365 Days

365 Days is just what i needed. Thank you @netflix

— Gretta B Love (@MomAftaDark) June 20, 2020

This kidnapping film has been compared to pornography by many internet users because of its extremely explicit scenes. The apparent number one comment online says avoid viewing it with your parents or children. But viewers seem to love the film, which puts 50 Shades of Grey to shame.

The Nut Job

The top Netflix movie in the US is currently The Nut Job and I think I’m finally willing to admit that this country is beyond repair

— Gluten Free Isaiah (@1sa1ahc) June 26, 2020

Instead of 365 Days, try The Nut Job for family viewing. This 2014 animated film was recently uploaded to Netflix and is a great comedy for viewers all ages to enjoy. Squirrel Surly is kicked out of his community after a big mistake and has to find a new way to gather all the nuts he needs for winter. But some on Twitter aren't thrilled about the movie being listed as Netflix's top film this week.

Feel the Beat

I was honestly so shocked at how good feel the beat was like it's one of the best netflix originals I've ever seen

— Cal ❤ (@DearMissCarson) June 21, 2020

This Netflix original movie takes viewers into the self-absorbed world of a failed Broadway dancer. Instead of abandoning her love of dance, she becomes a teacher for dancers in her hometown. This family film has life lessons as well as lots of choreography and comedy.


definitely DO NOT go to netflix and watch the movie “love” literally 5 seconds in and i’m so so disturbed

— welcome to wick wonalds 👾 (@whoyoufightiin) June 24, 2020

365 Days fans might find themselves drawn to Love too, a film that just soared in Netflix popularity because of a viral sex scene. It's the first scene from the movie that's gone viral on TikTok, in a challenge that asks users to watch the scene and film their reaction. It's extremely graphic, so heed the warning before you commit.

13 Reasons Why

I just finished watching on Netflix 13 Reasons Why. In many ways I believe each one of us could relate to parts of what that series showed. I know I did in some aspects. What an emotional roller coaster😭

— Sandi🖤💛🖤Bruins (@BruinsSandi) June 26, 2020

The teen drama/mystery 13 Reasons Why has officially come to an end. The last season aired on Netflix and shows the lead characters finishing their high school years. All four seasons of the show are available to stream now, sans the graphic suicide scene that was eventually removed from Season 1.

Athlete A

You may not agree with me that gymnastics is the hardest sport physically but it is mentally. If you feel the need to argue watch the Athlete A documentary on Netflix.

— Taylor Houchin (@taylor_houchin) June 25, 2020

This Netflix documentary film looks inside the lives of the survivors in the Larry Nassar case. The gymnasts are the focus, but there is also a detailed examination of the reporting that exposed Nassar's sexual abuse when he was a USA Gymnastics doctor.

Lost Bullet

If you care to know, “Lost bullet” on Netflix is a nice movie

— Mobolaji Wealth (@beejaygreen) June 22, 2020

A wrongfully convicted man is the main character in this feature film, which follows his journey to recover the single bullet that could exonerate him. The drama, rated TV-MA, is classified as "exciting."

Avatar: The Last Airbender

ive watched avatar tla 5 times since quarantine started and netflix just uhhhh reuploaded all the episodes in actual remastered HD today time to make that 6 times

— Jay ✨✨ (@vijaylante) June 23, 2020

It's unsurprising that Avatar: The Last Airbender remains on the top 10 list, as it's been stationed on the big board since it was uploaded to Netflix. Now the series is streaming in HD, and viewers can watch Aang's giant adventure in a whole new light.