'YOU' Fans Are Begging For an 'Emily in Paris' Crossover Following The Season 3 Finale

Fans of both YOU and Emily in Paris have hilariously suggested that Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) team up with Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), now that he's fled Los Angeles and traded in the fictitious town of Madre Linda for a new life Paris, France.

While the two shows are Netflix hits, they couldn't be further apart in terms of plot. YOU is about a serial killer who masturbates in public, obsesses over women and kills anyone who stands in his way, while Emily in Paris is about an American expat racking up an unrealistic amount of Instagram followers as she enjoys single life in the City of Light.

But that hasn't stopped fans from campaigning for a crossover between the two series.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "For #YOU S4 we need an Emily in Paris crossover."

Another added: "Oh we need a YOU x Emily In Paris cross over me thinks!"

A third chimed: "The season three finale of You perfectly sets up a potential crossover with Emily in Paris, and I'm totally on board. #TV."

For #You S4 we need an Emily in Paris crossover.

— Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) October 18, 2021

oh we need a You x Emily In Paris cross over me thinks! pic.twitter.com/gbpSbwZ6u2

— agapé 🧣 (@agapethamar) October 17, 2021

Ok but, can the plot of Emily in Paris season 2 be her meeting Joe Goldberg? #IfYouKnowYouKnow

— Alyssa Cabral (@alyssacabralxo) October 18, 2021

More still suggested that Emily Cooper would be Joe's next victim. @RhiLovesTV commented: "Oh no is Emily in Paris Joe Goldberg's next you?!"

Another fan believed that our favorite beret-wearing fashionista would be the ultimate person to change Joe's ways. "Emily in Paris is going to take one look at Joe Goldberg and be like I can fix him," they wrote.

oh no is Emily in Paris Joe Goldberg’s next you?!

— What Rhi Do(es) in the Shadows 👻 (@RhiLovesTV) October 18, 2021

If You S4 is set in Paris, Joe will probably find Emily in Paris and start stalking her#YouS3 #younetflix pic.twitter.com/QzwCBd98SZ

— M 𓃬 (@yeetmeouttahere) October 16, 2021

Emily in paris is going to take one look at Joe goldberg and be like I can fix him

— dick van d slur (@penisvilleneuve) October 18, 2021

Netflix has yet to confirm any such collaboration (nor will they likely in the near future), but Newsweek has reached out to the streaming platform for comment, on the off-chance they decide to embark on a fun Emily/Joe spin-off.

As fans will recall, in the explosive YOU Season 3 finale, Joe Goldberg left California and headed for Paris in a bid to start his life over, after murdering his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

First he poisoned her with a fatal dose of wolfsbane, then he amputated two of his toes and baked a human pie, before torching the whole place to make it look like a murder-suicide.

Little Henry was left in the care of his former colleague Dante (Ben Mehl) and then Joe got the hell outta Dodge, rebranding himself as "Nick" in Europe.

The motive behind the move (beyond escaping his crimes) was to try and track down librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), whom he believes is his one true love (like we've not heard that before).

YOU's showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed to Newsweek that Joe would be staying in Europe for Season 4.

"Where we leave Joe at the end of the season is a super fun, exciting place and to step back for one second and think about where television is in 2021, one of the lovely things that I think Netflix is, in a really large part responsible for, is that the experience of watching TV has become a lot more global," she said.

"In the last few years, there was certainly a long, long time where the world was being given American television that was made, really for Americans and then if you get the references, we hope you enjoy it [all of you] people in Europe, people in Korea, and now, I think it's so exciting [...], it's like Squid Game is a big deal and it's from very far away.

"Putting him in Europe is exciting because a lot of people in Europe watch the show and the world has become smaller so it's fun to expand his map and think about other possibilities."

Meanwhile, Season 2 of Emily in Paris has wrapped filming. The new installment will see Emily and her pals Camille (Camille Razat) and Mindy (Ashley Park) holiday in the South of France. It will also likely detail the aftermath of Emily's raunchy night with neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), who was Camille's boyfriend in Season 1.

YOU Season 3 and Emily in Paris Season 1 are streaming on Netflix now.

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