This Viral 'Never Have I Ever' Game Has Internet Users Calculating Their Life Choices

A new viral game of "Never Have I Ever" sweeping Twitter has people questioning their life choices—for better or for worse.

9 points. You??

— Jack (JackamusFL) (@JackamusFl) February 14, 2020

The challenge presents Twitter users with a number of different activities that include skipping school, getting drunk, firing guns, appearing on TV, skydiving and meeting celebrities.

People are expected to use the honor system and give themselves one point for each thing they haven't done. They then share their points in a tweet.

Twitter users are sharing their scores, but also are joking about how their scores turned out. Irish novelist Adrian McKinty gave himself a bonus point for not pointing out a spelling mistake in a tweet, a subtle dig at the word "piercing" being misspelled in the image. MSNBC and SiriusXM contributor Jason Johnson said his score would have been higher, but he "got into a lot of shenanigans last year."

3 points...

a bonus point for never having pointed out a spelling mistake in a tweet (i before e unless after c)

— Adrian McKinty (@adrianmckinty) February 17, 2020

I got an 8.....Woulda been higher but I got into a lot of shenanigans last year....

— Jason Johnson (@DrJasonJohnson) February 15, 2020

MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid tweeted that she got a seven but wasn't sure whether or not that was a good thing or a bad thing. Human Rights Campaign press secretary Charlotte Clymer also wrote that she wasn't sure what her score of three meant.

Got a 7. Is that good or bad?

— Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid 😷) (@JoyAnnReid) February 18, 2020

Poet and journalist Hanif Abdurraqib boasted about his perfect score. He wrote that he was "thrilled to leave you heathens behind and enter the kingdom of heaven when the time comes." Adnan's Story author and Undisclosed podcast host Rabia Chaudry shared a similar sentiment, sharing her score of 13. "I'm going straight to heaven," she tweeted.

I got 20 and am thrilled to leave you heathens behind and enter the kingdom of heaven when the time comes

— Hanif Abdurraqib (@NifMuhammad) February 17, 2020

Former Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman shared which five items he didn't do: zip-lining, skydiving, a cruise, piercing, and tattoo. He said that while he was open to zip-lining or skydiving, he had no interest in the other three—"ESPECIALLY a cruise." Mad Men actor Michael Gladis tweeted that he got a four, but could do all of them tonight if he wanted.

5 - Zip line, Cruise, Piercing, Tattoo, Skydive
I'm good with it.
I'd zip and sky dive.
No interest in the other three.
ESPECIALLY a cruise.

— Steve Gorman (@SGSFOX) February 17, 2020

I got a 4, but could knock those all out tonight if I wanted to.

— Michael Gladis (@MichaelGladis) February 18, 2020

Some people did take the opportunity to explain some of their choices. Comedian Kathleen Madigan blamed her arrest on "an over reactive nutjob dog catcher." Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman mocked the list, noting that while he got a four, one of the options is "sang karaoke." Author and translator Zack Davisson said the only reason he hasn't skydived, "because I am a sane person who knows better."

Apparently I got this wrong. Its points for things you HAVEN'T DONE. In that case I am a 1-pointed. Done all these things multiple times. Except for sky diving, because I am a sane person who knows better.

— Zack Davisson (@ZackDavisson) February 15, 2020

Author Clay Cane seemed satisfied by scoring five. "I've lived," he wrote. Democratic Strategist Tom Watson said that he's "had a lot of fun," scoring a four.

Geez, only a 4 - but I've had a lot of fun. 😉

— Tom Watson (@tomwatson) February 16, 2020

Still, some people seemed more ashamed of their low scores. "Do Not Judge Me," actress Mickey White wrote.


Do Not Judge Me.

— Mickey White (@BiasedGirl) February 17, 2020
never have i ever
A viral "Never Have I Ever" game on Twitter rewards users points for each item listed that they haven't done. Screenshot/Twitter