Never Too Rich Or Too Thin

When antifat warrior Susan Powter filed for bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago, it looked as if she had not stopped the insanity. With a highly successful weekday TV talk show launched in September and a $2 million advance for her new book (baldly titled "Food"), out last week, Powter hardly seemed like a poor thing. Plus, she's already earned an estimated $100 million from sales of the $79.80 weight-loss "kit" she promotes on infomercials, workout clothes for the horizontally challenged and her 1993 book, "Stop the Insanity!" Still, even though her company, Susan Powter Corp., reportedly rakes in $50 million annually, she says she can't pay her bills. The reason: she signed away her earnings to the corporation, controlled by business partner Gerald Frankel. Now the hardbody heroine has sued him and he's sued her -- and until a court sorts it out, the fat's in the fire.