New 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer Release Date & Predictions

When the original Avengers: Infinity War trailer passes 150 million views on YouTube, Marvel knows the world needs more. The studio has made us wait more than three months, but the day has finally come. The second Avengers: Infinity War trailer will release tomorrow—Friday, March 16—at an unspecified time.

UPDATE: Here's how to get your advance Avengers: Infinity War tickets.

The second trailer is long overdue and fans should thank the youngest Avenger for this new release date confirmation. Tom Holland lit a fire under the Russo Brothers on Instagram yesterday by commenting "When when when????" Planned social media promotion or not, it's about time Marvel spreads the word about the new April 27 release date.

Trailer tomorrow.

— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) March 15, 2018

As for what we want to see in this new trailer, some clues about the Soul Stone's whereabouts would be nice, but not likely. It'd also be great to see the Guardians actually doing something instead of just chilling in space, but again, it's unlikely we'll see exactly how they end up in the same room as the Avengers. We're all anxiously waiting Star-Lord's first meeting with Cap, though.

Something a little more feasible would be an interaction between Hulk and Groot. We already know Hulk and Thor encounter the Guardians after Ragnarok. It would certainly be a trailer-worthy moment, capitalizing on the broad appeal Guardians garnered back in 2014.

It would also be nice to see more of the film's female characters, but with Captain Marvel not set to appear until the Infinity War sequel, there's few left to shine except Black Widow, Nebula, Gamora and Scarlet Witch. One character who doesn't fall in the superhero category, but we are dying to see anyway is Maria Hill, formerly of SHIELD. That would be awesome…

Hawkeye was left out of the Entertainment Weekly cover promotions, so we are expecting to see the archer in action come tomorrow. The latest poster released by Marvel also featured the Black Order, so it's a safe bet we could see more of them in tomorrow's footage. Also, some new shots of Wakanda and more of the huge battle seen in the first trailer seem very likely. Marvel is still riding off Black Panther's success and would be remiss not to hammer home the fact that much of the film takes place in Wakanda.

What do you want to see in the new trailer? Avengers: Infinity War arrives April 27.