New 'Bachelor' Finale Theory Could Spell End For Madison Prewett and Peter Weber's Romance

Peter Weber sent fan favorite Kelley Flanagan home on The Bachelor Monday night, and some fans think another favored contestant may leave the show soon. Madison Prewett, who has gained the love of countless Bachelor viewers, is the focus of a new theory based on the show's most recent teaser.

ABC's latest Bachelor trailer shows Prewett admitting that she's a virgin and will have a hard time continuing with Weber if he has sex with the other women. Typically, the Bachelor or Bachelorette has overnight dates with the final three contestants. What happens during those dates is private. Sometimes, though, the Bachelor will choose to speak about it.

Madison Prewett
Madison Prewett on "The Bachelor." Fans are speculating that she may leave the show soon. Francisco Roman/ABC

In the trailer, Weber then admits he was "intimate with someone else" just six days before.

Some fans think Prewett will leave the show because of her discomfort with Weber's intimacy with other women.

Fans who look for Bachelor spoilers know there is no public information on who Weber chooses, or how what happens in the finale. It's expected that Weber's engagement will not play out like a normal season, according to spoiler blogger Reality Steve. There's also a clip of Weber's mother crying and telling Weber "don't let her go. Bring her home," which fans have been intrigued by since the start of the season.

Viewers discussed the possibilities on Twitter.

My theory after seeing previews of what’s coming: Peter sleeps with Victoria F (🙄) then picks Madison in finale, but she turns him down for sleeping with Victoria because she’s waiting for marriage. Then he chases her down after the final....#TheBachlor #BachelorNation

— TheBachelorDiaries (@DiariesBachelor) February 11, 2020

My Bachelor prediction : Madison decides to leave during the finale episode. Peter then has to decide whether or not to fly his plane to go get her back. He flies home first and his Mom says “bring her home to us” - #bachelor2020 #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC #BachelorNation

— Haymitch Abernathy (@DrunkHaymitchPN) February 11, 2020

my new bachelor theory: madison leaves after peter is intimate with someone else which makes him realize shes the one and peter’s mom is crying about madison in the preview #TheBachelorABC

— elle (@darveyiscanon1) February 11, 2020

There's another key component in the confusing finale trailers. A former preview showed Weber receiving news from show host Chris Harrison that Weber says is the "last thing he needed." At the time, Weber is in a suit and seems to be gearing up for a possible engagement.

The news Harrison delivers is unknown, but this working theory suggests Harrison just found out about Prewett's doubts, or she needs to leave the competition.

Another popular fan theory puts former Bachelorette Hannah Brown back in the mix. Brown and Weber shared an emotional moment at the start of the series. In their conversation, Brown admitted she regrets breaking up with Weber and questions her decision every day. Despite Weber's acknowledgment that he has lingering feelings for Brown, he continued on as the Bachelor and left her behind.

Some viewers have guessed that Weber's mother's tearful comment meant he should find Brown and bring her home.

This theory has been denied by Reality Steve, who said he's certain Brown will not be involved in the rest of Weber's season.

Season 24 Bachelor Predicition:
Peter is going to go through the season & get to the finale and break down and be like “I can’t do this, I’m still in love with Hannah”. He & Hannah are going to get engaged and then Madison will be the next Bachelorette. #TheBachelor

— bella (@taco_bellaa) January 7, 2020

As much as I LOVE Maddison & Victoria F. On this season, I think Hannah Brown is gonna come back. She's gonna show up in the finale ready for marriage & I hope he chooses her!!!! 🥰😍🥰😍#TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC @BachelorABC

— Bailey Miranda (@itsbayyyyyy) February 6, 2020