New Hampshire Voter Tells MSNBC She's Voting for Bernie Sanders Because MSNBC Keeps Tearing Him Down

A New Hampshire resident told MSNBC journalist Ari Melber she decided to cast her primary vote for Bernie Sanders because she was tired of what she sees as constant criticism of the senator on the news channel.

In Manchester, Melber spoke to people who had voted in the state's Democratic contest, held Tuesday to decide which candidate should take on President Donald Trump in November.

When Melber asked one woman which candidate she voted for, she replied that the senator from Vermont—one of New Hampshire's neighboring states—had won her support. However, she said she still felt undecided after casting her vote.

"I want to say, the reason I went for Bernie is because of MSNBC," she said. "I think it is completely cynical to say that he's lost 50 percent of his vote from the last time, when there were two candidates. Now, there are multiple wonderful candidates who would be great presidents, and...I think that we can unify and get behind."

The woman, who noted she watched MSNBC "constantly," also said she had grown weary of what she termed the "'stop Bernie' cynicism" from the news channel's commentators, which made her angry and compelled her to vote for him on primary day.

Melber, seeking clarification, asked the voter if she meant that she believed conversations on MSNBC were designed to denigrate Sanders, and that as a result of this she was even more "endeared" to him.

"Absolutely," answered the voter. "I could've chosen several candidates, but that's what pushed me over the edge for Bernie."

Twitter user @MitchellCares shared a clip of the exchange on Tuesday afternoon. Within two hours of being published, the video had accrued 4,000 retweets and 19 thousand likes.

This is actually incredible. On MSNBC, An undecided voter ended up going with Bernie BECAUSE she was sick and tired of MSNBC trying to tear down Sanders.

— Who Decided That? (@MitchellCares) February 11, 2020

MSNBC has received some criticism for what some perceive as unjustified antagonism toward the Vermont senator and his supporters—even in the past week.

For example, the hashtag #FireChuckTodd began trending on Twitter on Monday night, ahead of the New Hampshire primary, after MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd called Sanders supporters a "digital brownshirt brigade." Brownshirts were the paramilitary wing of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party before and during the Second World War.

A few days earlier, on February 7, MSNBC host Chris Matthews linked Sanders' democratic socialism with the communism of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. He also suggested that socialist-led executions in Manhattan's Central Park would have followed a Cold War victory by Castro and allies.

"What does [Sanders] think of Castro?" Mathews asked after last Friday's presidential debate in New Hampshire. "That's a good question: What's he think of Fidelismo? We all thought he was great when [he first came out]. I cheered like mad for him when he first went in, and then he became a communist and started shooting every one of his enemies. You've got to make those judgments."

As of publication time, the primary polls in New Hampshire were still open. Results are expected to come in Tuesday evening.

Bernie Sanders Visits Polling Station On NH Primary Day
Senator Bernie Sanders greets people campaigning for him outside of a polling station in Manchester, New Hampshire, on February 11. Joe Raedle/Getty