New, High-Tech Skateboards Satisfy Adults

Once the toys of rowdy teenagers, skateboards have grown up alongside their riders. Companies are now creating high-quality, technologically savvy skateboards that are both ecofriendly and easy to ride. The American company Exkate is launching its 2009 Pro-Line 600 series just in time for the holiday season (hint, hint). They feature new state-of-the-art decks, quiet electric motors, and a wireless remote-control system which can be used for steering the board while riding it. The limited-edition Big Dream 600 offers a 30.5-kph ride and a classic rosewood deck ($750; www.altered

Britain's Rokitscience produces the Boom Borda Pro Series, made from lightweight lithium-batteries and long-lasting rubber polymer wheels. The off-road Boom Borda 2 Chainsaw Pro, with a maple deck and chrome finish, handles smoothly on almost any terrain ($1,200; rokit Reaching speeds of up to 48kph, this board even comes with a light for an extreme ride at any hour.

London's eco-cool SkateElectric will launch the lithium-powered Stealth board in March 2009 ($1,000; www.skate Zipping around at 40kph, it will have a travel range of 40km and deck-mounted headlights for night rides. Because there's no reason for grown-ups to stop having fun.