'I'm Your New Hitler': Kansas Football Coach Messages German College Student on Scholarship

A college football coach in Kansas finds himself at the center of controversy after describing himself as "the new Hitler" to one of his players.

Jason Brown, the coach of the Independence Community College Pirates, used the moniker during a fiery exchange of texts with Alexandros Alexiou , a German student.

The WhatsApp conversation was obtained and published by Kansas radio station KGGF.

In the exchange, Brown refers to Alexiou by an expletive and tells him to be on the field at 4:10 p.m, then warned him about his disciplinary record.

"[You] have 17 points towards your 25 points, see Stadler for explanation," the coach wrote.

"And you got an extra point for not hanging the lion poster as instructed. I'm your new Hitler, figure out your life."

When the student enquired why he had 17 disciplinary points, Brown replied he had to stop being disobedient.

"You are now cut from the team, go yell somewhere else," the coach continued.

"Don't come around here anymore. You obviously have issue and now won't be a part of this program disturbing dorms and classes and teachers and basketball coaches and every other thing."

In a final text, Brown tells Alexiou he will take off the scholarship "I gave you, since you have forgotten that".

ICC President Daniel Barwick had said earlier in the day that the college did not condone Brown's comments and was investigating the matter.

"Independence Community College does not condone the language Coach Brown used in his message," he was quoted as saying by CBS-affiliate KOAM.

"I have spoken with Coach Brown about his message to the student, and he fully understands that his language was not appropriate. The college is investigating the matter and will have no further statement at this time."

According to the Montgomery County Chronicle, however, the ICC board of trustees opted not to take actions against Brown.

The newspaper reported the trusteed held a special meeting on Thursday night to discuss the incident. The meeting lasted three hours and was adjourned at 9 p.m. local time (10 p.m. ET), before Barwick told reporters he had no further comments to make on the situation.

Located in Independence, approximately 113 miles east of Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, the ICC Pirates and Brown were featured on the third season of the popular Netflix series Last Chance U.

The Pirates went 9-2 last season, winning the Midwest Bowl Classic against Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

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