New Jersey Family Gets Anonymous Note Calling Out Their 'Lazy Christmas Decorations'

A New Jersey family received an anonymous "award" criticizing their Christmas decorations as lazy.

The Courier Post reported the Beatty family in Haddonfield received a note and a box of Christmas lights from an anonymous "panel," on Christmas Eve. The decoration critic merely identified themselves as the "S and V Awards" panel, adding they are former neighborhood residents, but the family is still unsure who it could be.

"We may have moved but we are still evaluating your Christmas efforts," the note read. The "panel" noted that they "strive for Christmas excellence and perfection" and that they have "no favorites...Just Christmas pride."

The letter claimed the family was "awarded" "because of Christmas Violation(s) committed against the S & V Panel." The two violations included: "lack of a neat, organized, and/or classy Christmas lighting" and a "display of light shows, projectors, star lights, and/or any other fake and lazy Christmas decorations." The note does not explain why light shows are "lazy."

Despite their criticism, the panel invited the family to try to improve in 2020. "Reflect on your flaws this offseason and correct them for next year," the letter said. "As a token of our appreciation for your participation in this holiday season; you will receive a complimentary box of lights to jumpstart your 2020 plans." The letter ended by encouraging the family to "come back strong next year," although the Christmas critics did not offer any further suggestions for improvement.

While the S and V awards panel seemed to mean their letter in good fun, Angela Beatty told the Courier Post that receiving the award was "the most horrible thing."

"It was the rudest and most ignorant award from my neighbors," she told the Post.

Beatty told the Post that she'd had a difficult year and had been too depressed to decorate after losing a pet, assisting an ill relative and suffering a car accident. "I've had an awful year, so getting this letter hit a nerve," she told the Post.

The Courier Post did not elaborate on the Beatty's display, besides noting a string of blue Christmas lights on a topiary bush, which are a tribute to her father-in-law's work for the NYPD.

Beatty also noted that she was not sure who is on the S and V panel nor who left the note.

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People stop to look at a semi-detached house lit up with exterior Christmas lights on December 16, 2011 in Melksham, England. Matt Cardy/Getty