Mom Stops Potential School Shooting After Receiving Racist Message About Her Children on Facebook

A mother from New Jersey reportedly helped stop a potential school shooting in another state after she had received a disturbing message on Facebook.

Koeberle Bull told WKYT that she called the police after she had received a racist message from someone on Facebook talking about her children.

"[He was] basically repeating himself about hoping my children would die and be hung because they're black," Bull told WKYT. "It was definitely racially motivated, 'you and your monkey children' and using the n-word a lot."

The man who sent the racist message was identified as Dylan Jarrell. Bull said she did not know the 20-year-old who sent her the hateful message and said he blocked her account after sending it to her, according to WKYT. With the help of her friends, Bull was able to track down Jarrell's Facebook profile and discovered he lived in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, WKYT reported. She contacted local police in Kentucky after discovering where he lived.

A Kentucky State Police cruiser leads a caravan, including a Lexington-Fayette County Coroner’s van, in Lexington, Kentucky, on August 27, 2006. A mother from New Jersey helped authorities stop a potential school shooting in Kentucky after she received a racist message on Facebook. Jamie Rhodes/Getty Images

"Something in the back of my head was like, This isn't right, like something's not sitting well," Bull told WKYT.

After the call, Kentucky State Police told the station they had pulled into Jarrell's street just as he was exiting his driveway with more than 200 rounds of ammunition and a plan of attacking two school districts in Anderson County.

"I would hope that someone would, in the same situation, just do the same thing. Because, obviously, you never know. It could be an idle threat or it could be the next mass shooter," Bull said. "It's our future. These kids are our future, my kids, the kids of Lawrenceburg and Anderson County, and we have to give them a fighting shot."

In August, a man was arrested after 11 children were found starving were at a New Mexico compound. He was allegedly training the children to commit school shootings, according to court documents obtained by Associated Press.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, was arrested along with four other people after the children found on the compound in Taos, New Mexico, were found to be living in devastating conditions. Court documents obtained by Associated Press said Wahhaj was teaching the children living on the compound how to use weapons.

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