New Jersey Woman Jailed for Stabbing Her Identical Twin Sister to Death

A New Jersey woman who fatally stabbed her twin sister in an alcohol-fueled fight gave a tearful apology and broke down after she was jailed for six years.

After the judge in the Camden County Superior Court handed down the sentence, Amanda Ramirez, 27, said that she never wanted her sister to die.

She had admitted in September that she stabbed to death Anna Ramirez, who was found on the ground on June 22 with blood on the left side of her chest.

In a deal with the prosecution, she pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of second-degree manslaughter.

"I know there's nothing I can say to justify what I did," Ramirez said in a video published by

"I just want to make it clear that I never had intentions of taking my twin sister's life. If I could take back what I did, I would in a heartbeat," she said, breaking down into tears.

"Having to live with the fact that she's no longer alive is devastating," Amanda continued. "I just want to apologize to my family for putting them through this. I hope that they can all forgive me."

Woman sobs through apology for killing twin sister in drunken fight. Judge sentences her to 6 years.

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A police report obtained by People described how Anna had started a fight with Amanda by striking her in the face. Amanda told police that her sister went into her house, took a knife and approached her.

"Amanda Ramirez stated she struggled with her sister for control of the knife, and she ultimately stabbed her sister in the chest," the police report states. She was stabbed once, and was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later.

Prior to sentencing, the defendant's attorney Jordan Zeltz told Judge Edward McBride in mitigation that his client was suffering from "postpartum depression" and "emotional issues" from pregnancy and that her family pleaded with the judge to give Amanda a more lenient sentence.

"The sentence you are going to impose is going to pale in comparison to the life sentence she's already serving," he added. reported that weeping family members told her they loved her as Ramirez was taken from the courtroom.

The twins' mother, Ivelisse Class, had told People in July that the pair were inseparable from birth, even sharing the same bassinet.

"They loved each other. They were at each others' sides when they gave birth. They took the kids out together. They drove each other to work. They were a team."

"When you lose a child, you don't sleep. You just wish this was a nightmare and you could wake up," Class said.

New Jersey woman Amanda Ramirez was jailed for six years for the killing of her twin sister. She tearfully told the judge she never wanted her to die. JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty