Internet Backs New Mom as Husband Caught With Female 'Friend' in Photo

A person on Reddit has commented on the sad regularity of pregnant women being cheated on by their partners in response to a post commenting, "Wish I had a nickel for every time a 'we just had a baby and now my husband is cheating' story comes up on Reddit. I genuinely don't know how common of a situation this is, pretty terrible if so."

A study of 3,565 men undertaken by Victoria Milan, the dating site for married and attached people with the tagline "Find Your Affair," found that 81 percent of cheating men said they were happier before they got married, and nearly 25 percent said their marriage took a downward turn after they had children. Some 74 percent of men reported that having an affair helped them be happier in their marriage.

In the post which has over 11,000 views, a woman described how after giving birth six weeks ago, she now suspected her partner was cheating. She explained how she was nervous about being left alone with their first child while her partner goes away on business.

"I couldn't just refuse to let him go however because I knew when I met him that traveling is part of his job so he left. He's very supportive otherwise. Very happy about being a father and he called us maybe 5-6 times a day to see if we're doing alright," she wrote.

cheating husband
Illicit texting. Stock Image. According to research, 74 percent of men said that having an affair helped them be happier in their marriage. Getty Images

She then went on to say that while scrolling Instagram she saw him in the background of a picture posted by a local celebrity, not on a work trip but with his "'friend' from uni. The woman who always disliked me and who he told me not to worry about. He's been on this 'trip' since Monday and is supposed to come back on Monday."

Describing herself as "heartbroken," she then went through her options if her husband has in fact cheated. "I'm a stay at home wife right now and I haven't worked since I graduated 5 years ago. My husband makes a good living and he didn't think me working was a necessity. I don't have a family except him. If I leave him, how am I going to fend for my son? Who is going to take care of him if I start working? I feel so trapped," she said.

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Stock image of a cheater hiding wedding ring dating with his lover. A survey found that 81 percent of cheating men said they were happier before they got married. Getty Images

Users in the comments expressed exasperation at this male trait with one user writing: "I'm beginning to think that there are men out there that plan for a baby so their partner is distracted" in a comment that garnered nearly 3,000 likes.

Another user suggested that men don't just cheat on their partners before and after pregnancy: "This makes me feel sick. Ya'll should also check the stats on how many men leave/cheat on their wives when their wives suddenly get super sick and end up in the hospital. It's messed up."

People began sharing their own experiences with infidelity. "My father cheated on my mother every time she was pregnant and ended up leaving with the third mistress when I was 2 [years old]. Leaving mom alone with 2 boys and a baby girl. A lot of men have a serious issue when it comes to the woman / mother stereotype and their sexuality. Oh but my father is definitely an a**hole as well."

Another person shared: "It's personally happened to my best friend twice. She has married 2 times, has a kid 2 years after marriage and both of them within a Month to a few months after baby arrives cheats on her. She is divorced the last 6 years. Single mom two kids and says she is not ever gonna date again. She's a great woman, friend, mom and has a high paying job. But it has to be hard at times. Both Baby daddy's aren't involved at all in the kids life."

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