'Block': New Mom Warned Over 'Evil' Ex-Mother-in-Law Stalking Her Socials

It may sound like a cliché, but stories of nightmare mother-in-laws are all over the internet. Take for example, this woman, who made her son's pregnant girlfriend sleep on the floor. Or this overbearing mother, who demanded that her daughter-in-law "work a bit harder in the bedroom" to give her a grandchild.

One woman has resorted to stalking her son's ex on social media, despite him abandoning his girlfriend and their newborn baby.

In a post titled: "Partner left me while pregnant now his mum is viewing my social media," Mumsnet user Babygirlmum broke down the woman's confusing behavior.

She wrote: "My partner left me when i was 11 weeks pregnant after telling him as he didn't want to be a dad.

"After a stressful and hard 9 months I give birth to my beautiful daughter. I haven't been in contact with him to tell him as he made it clear he didn't want to know the baby.

"She is 5 weeks old and I don't know if he knows she is born."

Despite supporting her son's decision to abandon his child, the mother has been stalking Babygirlmum on social media.

She continued: "His mum has viewed my Instagram story and seen my daughter. I don't understand why as they don't want anything to do with the baby.

"She is a foster carer and has supported her son on not having any contact. Why is this woman viewing my social media?"

Since being shared on Wednesday, the post had received over 100 responses from Mumsnet users. Many suggested that the ex's mother was stalking the new mom's social media out of curiosity.

Zafferana said: "Curiosity got the better of her?

"Your [Darling Daughter] is her [Grand Darling Daughter], so it makes sense that she'd want to see what she looks like, however mean and horrible she's been to you."

PeekAtYou commented: "Maybe she's one of those misogynists who was hoping that when she saw the baby it would be clear that her son wasn't the father?

"I'd imagine curiosity too. I'd be interested to see if my kids looked like them as babies."

FelixMadrigal wrote: "The reason is obvious. She's curious. She has a grandchild that she's never met and may not ever meet. I'd want to see pictures of my grandchild."

Many users recommend that she make her social media private, so that her ex and his family couldn't see photos of her baby.

ImInStealthMode said: "Block her or make your accounts private."

BlanketsBanned advised: "If she views your posts and pictures then she can pass them on to other people so you have no real control over who sees them.

"I wouldn't post pictures of a baby on insta, you really don't know who can view it."

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, one in four children in the U.S. lives without a father in their lives, whether biological, step or adopted. Research suggests that children who grow up without fathers are more likely to live in poverty, drop out of high school, take up smoking or drugs, have a teen pregnancy and struggle with mental issues.

Others asked if she was sure her ex's mother didn't want to be involved in her grandchild's life.

CuriousCatFish commented: "She might want to be involved in her grandchilds life even if the dad doesn't want to know."

Decorhate wrote: "Do you know for a fact that this woman agrees with what her son did? A relative was in a very similar situation to you.

"She contacted the father's parents after the baby was born & they were at that stage prepared to go against their son's wishes & have built a very strong relationship with their grandchild & helped out his mother a lot."

However, Babygirlmum was certain the woman didn't want to meet her granddaughter.

In the comments, she added: "This woman has been nasty towards me and does infact support her son not being a dad to his own daughter.

"[She] has made that clear and if I'm right she's probably part of his decision, it's the type of woman I can imagine her to be.

"However I'm not sure why she is viewing my social media."

She also shared that her ex's mother didn't believe the child was her son's.

Babygirlmum wrote: "[She] said at the beginning baby is probably not her sons and my daughter is the [image] of him."

DinoRock suggested the woman might be viewing the photographs to see if the baby looked like her son, to warn him of possible child support.

They wrote: "She might have just wanted to see if your child did look like her son after doubting paternity.

"'I best give him warning he can expect to pay maintenance,' so maybe he should offer."

Whatever the mother's reasoning, several Mumsnet users agreed that Babygirlmum dodged a bullet.

Mellowyellow222 said: "It doesn't matter why this evil bat is looking at your social media.

"You have a wonderful new daughter - don't let them ruin it."

While Collardgreens advised: "Enjoy your baby. Don't let what has gone before spoil the magic of being with her."

Meanwhile, users on Reddit backed a woman who told her ex-mother-in-law that her son abandoned his children, possibly getting the man disinherited and thrown out of his mother's house.

New Mom warned over Ex-Mother-in-law Stalking Socials
Mom holding infant and reading phone screen. Mumsnet users said the ex's mother could be stalking her socials for a number of reasons, none of them good. Miljan Živković/iStock/Getty Images Plus