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Dear loyal readers,

I know the past couple years have been confusing—it seems like every time you turn around there's a new When IBT Media purchased Newsweek last year, it inherited a beautiful site designed by Huge that was launched less than a year ago. Unfortunately it was made to publish stories only once a week for the magazine, which didn't fit the new editorial vision from our Editor-in-Chief Jim Impoco and Chief Content Officer Johnathan Davis: that Newsweek is a brand constantly creating high-quality, insightful content across platforms and media. So we quickly made a site to handle the fabulous work being done by our new writers and reporters around the clock. It wasn't perfect, but as you learn working in the digital world "perfect is the enemy of good."

Now here is our new site—the one that meets the needs of editors and our users. Our longform content has room to breathe, our photo essays ("Big Shots") give you our beautiful images in full-screen glory, you can scan all the content in each issue of the magazine at-a-glance, and the responsive design allows you to have a great experience on any device. We have revived the classic Newsweek feature "Conventional Wisdom Watch" and plan to ask you to crowdsource it in the future. We are not done—any site or application that claims to be done is predicting its own demise. We're growing, and as we hear more from you we will only get better. So please feel free to reach out to me at a.leo [at] with any comments, questions or concerns about the site, and we look forward to bringing you new mobile applications in the coming months as well.


Alex Leo