A Company Is Giving Parents $500 for a Babysitter so They Can Get Some Sleep

Sleep-deprived moms and dads can now receive $500 for a babysitter so they can get some much-deserved rest.

Any parent will know you barely sleep for the first 18 years, but if you're having particular trouble adjusting to the new routine, help is at hand.

Tuft & Needle, who sell everything sleep-related from duvets to dog beds, are looking for willing volunteers to join their Sleep Ambassador Program.

Some 15 sleepy parents will be able to join the six-week course, focused on prioritizing "self care" and "teaching them how to take back control of their sleep."

The lucky (and tired) ambassadors will receive a one-year Calm and Storybook app subscriptions, a Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress with accessories, and a Tuft & Needle + SNOOZ White Noise Machine.

They also receive a "swag bag" filled with goodies, an Oura Ring to track their sleep and activity, and a one-on-one sleep consultation with JD Velilla, senior director of Sleep Experience and Technology, aka the sleep expert.

Possibly the most invaluable reward is a $500 babysitting stipend "to help busy parents schedule time away to recharge."

In return, parents will be asked to share social media updates on their shut eye, stats from their Oura ring to see how their sleep, or lack of it, is affecting them over the course of the program, and videos documenting the journey.

Jen Daly, chief marketing officer at Tuft & Needle, said: "As new parents, we agonize over designing the perfect nursery so our babies feel more tranquil, are lulled to sleep more easily and hopefully stay asleep longer.

"Meanwhile, we're quick to forget about our own sleep wellness. Becoming a mom rocked my world. I learned fast how vital sleep is to being at my best for my kids—and for all the rest—every day. And while the right mattress is a good starting point, unlocking better sleep doesn't stop there.

"Making positive habit changes and creating your own sleep sanctuary are key to getting your best night's sleep, something Tuft & Needle takes seriously. That's why we launched the Tuft & Needle Sleep Ambassador Program—to bring the restorative power of our products plus the lasting benefits of sleep coaching to help some of our most sleep deprived customers—new parents."

While Velilla said: "Learning to prioritize my own sleep health was a game-changer for me. Our mission at Tuft & Needle is to be our customers' partner in rest and recovery, and I can't wait to share what I've learned about sleep—from cutting-edge science to practical tips anyone can apply—to help our Sleep Ambassadors improve their sleep wellness and quality of life for the whole family.

"After all, as part of caring for your kids, it's important to take care of yourself, too."

Applications are open until November 12, with the program commencing on November 30. To apply, click here and tell the team about your sleep.

File photo of a sleeping child.
File photo of a sleeping child. A company is looking for 15 parents to take part in their six-week sleep ambassador program. quintanilla/Getty Images