New Type For A New Era

You may have already noticed something different about this week's NEWSWEEK: with this issue we are pleased to introduce a new typeface, Vincent. A serif font in three weights, it was originally designed by Vincent Figgins, an English foundry owner and punch cutter (a type designer in the days of metal type) who began his career in 1792. Figgins created the font when a publisher, possibly disgruntled by high production costs, abandoned the foundry of William Caslon in the middle of printing a run of Bibles. The publisher commissioned Figgins to mimic the Caslon face.

Vincent has been updated for NEWSWEEK by Matthew Carter, one of the pre-eminent typographers of the digital era. Assistant Managing Editor Lynn Staley, the magazine's director of design, and consultant Michael Jones worked with Carter to bring the new font to NEWSWEEK. A second new typeface, which will be used for most headlines, is an adaptation of a Bureau Grotesk font known as NEWSWEEK 9. It has been named Maynard, in memory of Maynard Parker, the longtime editor of NEWSWEEK who died last year. Parker was a rigorous and indefatigable visual editor; we think he would approve. And we hope you do too.