Dog Owner Arrested After Pet Forced to Chew Off Own Leg After Being Left Chained up Outside Without Food and Water

A 59-year-old man has been arrested in New York after veterinarians say a mistreated dog that was found last week missing a limb likely chewed it off.

The injured dog, a female German Shepard named Zoe, was rescued earlier this month after being found living outside in a plastic pet crate that was lined with hay. The dog did not have food or water and has since had to endure a risky medical procedure, authorities say.

The case was reported to authorities by a UPS driver delivering in the area, before being taken into the care of Susquehanna SPCA, WWLP reported.

State police say its owner, Carl K. Pritchard, is now facing multiple criminal charges, including torturing and injuring animals, failure to provide proper sustenance (misdemeanor) and violation failure to provide appropriate shelter for dogs left outdoors.

Zoe was chained up in the crate and one of its bowls had frozen over, WGNTV reported. The UPS driver told 911 its leg looked like it was "blown off."

But vets say bone fragments from the missing leg were actually found in the dog's stomach. Pritchard is currently scheduled to appear in court on December 4, WWLP reported.

Susquehanna SPCA, which has been publishing updates about Zoe's condition to social media in recent days, said on Facebook the injured dog was transferred to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for additional treatment, including proper amputation of the limb.

Experts previously believed a mass on the dog's shoulder was cancerous but it was found to be a fatty tumor. Vets confirmed that Zoe is anemic and has a heart murmur. Surgery was needed to remove the tumour but it was deemed risky as it would involve navigating arteries.

"The bad news is this mass must be removed for her to survive and the surgeons describe the procedure scheduled for tomorrow to be palliative and dangerous. Her age, heart murmur and anemia are all very serious issues to be managed," Susquehanna SPCA noted.

Yesterday, the shelter shared news the dog survived the procedure. It wrote: "We cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have shown this truly incredible dog.

"Surgeons say they believe they were able to fully remove the mass and successfully amputate her leg. The next 24 hours are critical as she will be monitored coming out of anesthesia and is at risk for bleeding. The goal is for her to leave the hospital on Friday or Saturday."

The shelter's first post about the injured dog attracted hundreds of comments, including one from a man claiming to be the UPS driver who reported the alleged abuse to police.

"Seeing this dog... was absolutely heartbreaking and disturbing beyond all means," he wrote in a Facebook comment earlier this week, adding: "I wish I could have saved her sooner."

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Posted by New York State Police on Tuesday, November 19, 2019