New York Lives! Pigeon and Rat Fight on Sidewalk Until Passerby Breaks Things Up

Only one creature can be the champion in the battle of New York City vermin. One Twitter user shared a clip of a rat and a pigeon fighting on Wednesday. It's a close contender for Peak NYC, aside from the one time a cockroach was caught carrying a cigarette in 2019.

"This might be the most New York s*** I've ever seen...down to the hit out of no where [sic] lol," the user captioned the video.

In the 24-second clip, a rat and pigeon brawl on the sidewalk. The rat drags the pigeon as it attempts to fly away. Then, a bystander out of nowhere hits the creatures with a scooter to break up the fight.

The rat scurries away into a parking lot, and the pigeon walks away, bobbing its head, leaving both creatures seemingly unscathed. The bystander also appears to shout, "you alive?" to the pigeon.

The video has amassed over 2M views since it was shared.

This might be the most New York shit I’ve ever seen...down to the hit out of no where lol

— THE ONE ABOVE ALL (@MRCRUZv3) September 2, 2020

The Twitterverse was blown away by the sidewalk battle royale. "You saw how mans smacked that rat and the rat shrugged it off and dipped? Yes, NYC rats are built differently," one user commented.

"So many layers to this," another wrote, listing them: "1. NY Rats don't give a f***. 2. NYers will stand up for others even if they are annoying i.e pigeons 3. NYers improvise and adapt (weapons). 4. Rat brushed off brutal hit like it was nothing," and finally, "5. Asking the pigeon if it was ok afterwards."

Rats on a Subway Platform NYC
Three rats scavenge for food on the subway platform at Herald Square on September 3, 2017 in New York City. Getty/Gary Hershorn

"Pizza Rat was Disneyland New York, this is the real s***," a third joked. Someone said that 2015 was the year of the Pizza Rat, and 2020 ushered in the year of the Pigeon Rat.

One user spoke of the symbolic meaning of the pigeon to New Yorkers. "The pigeon is to NYC, what the bald eagle is to the USA," they quipped.

Some recalled unique rat sightings throughout the city. "I remember my first year in NYC - a cat ran past my foot while I was sitting on a bench. My homie sitting next to me promptly informed me that it was not a cat - 'twas a rat....I no longer live in New York," one person wrote.

"I was wandering around Manhattan and I'll never forget seeing this huge roach was walking the sidewalk in broad daylight like it had somewhere important to go," another chimed in. "At the Bronx Zoo once, I saw a NYC rat back a lion into a corner," a third recalled.

One Twitter user summed up the interaction perfectly: "Some people say New York is dead. I beg to differ."