New York Pizza Restaurant Customer Dares Worker to Call Police After Racial Tirade: 'See If You're Illegals Here or Not'

A pizza restaurant customer in New York went on a racist rant at a worker, telling them to call police who would see if they were "illegals or not."

The customer, whose tirade was caught on camera and reported by Fox 5 San Diego, also appears to castigate the staff member over his ability to speak English.

The man is also seen repeatedly slapping the counter and demanding pizza during his rant, despite the worker telling him he does not wish to serve him.

In a video of the incident which took place at Little Vincent's Pizza in Huntington, Long Island, that was shared on YouTube last month, a worker at the restaurant is seen warning the customer that he will call the police.

The customer tells the man in a racist rant: "Call them. Call them. See if you're illegals here or not."

He then repeatedly tells the worker to call police as customers took the side of staff, telling the man to take his pizza and get out of the restaurant. "You're lucky to be served," one man tells the unidentified customer.

When the antagonist finally heads for the door, another customer says to staff: "You guys are awesome, we love you."

At the start of the video, the customer is seen pointing at the restaurant staff member and saying: "I'm not from the United States either. I'm from another country. So I learned it, so you do too."

Newsweek has contacted the Suffolk County Police Department asking whether or not it was called to the scene or had anything further information about the incident.

In a another racially-motivated attack on restaurant workers within the last week, racist graffiti was sprayed on a black-owned restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The restaurant's owner Vikki Layne Terrell found the n-word, "you not welcome" and "get out" written on the walls when she turned up at the establishment on Monday afternoon after closing up the previous evening.

Plates had also been smashed and tables turned over during the act of racist vandalism.

Speaking to the Mississippi Clarion Ledger, Layne Terrell said: "I don't know why anyone would do this. I should not walk into the women's room and see racial slurs on the walls."

Hattiesburg said they were investigating the suspected hate crime having been called to the scene on Monday.

Layne Terrell told the Clarion Ledger that she would "be in this building for years to come" and said the vandals should have "at least waited until I was tired."

New York Pizza Restaurant Customer Dares Worker to Call Police After Racial Tirade: 'See If You're Illegals Here or Not' | U.S.