New York Prosecutor Plans to Indict Robert Durst This Month Over Former Wife's Death

A New York prosecutor reportedly plans to indict millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst within a week or two for the death of his ex-wife Kathie Durst, who went missing in 1982.

Westchester District Attorney Mimi Rocah chose to bring Durst's case to a grand jury this month, a person familiar with the situation told the Associated Press on Friday under the condition of anonymity.

The person added that the grand jury process will last around a month.

Roach's office reportedly said last month that it reopened the investigation and that the case was ongoing.

Referring to the investigation, Durst' lawyer, David Chesnoff, said that he doesn't "respond to rumors."

The Westchester County is now treating Kathie Durst's case as a murder, News 12 reported. Though the police never found her body, Kathie was declared legally dead in 2017 after her family requested so, according to the AP.

Last month, a Los Angeles jury found the 78-year-old Durst guilty for the murder of his friend, Susan Berman, after months of testimony and around seven hours of deliberation that spanned over the course of three days. According to the jury, Durst shot and killed Berman in 2000.

In a statement released after the verdict, Kathie Durst's family said that they hope the Westchester criminal justice system follows steps similar to that of Los Angeles and charges Durst for killing his ex-wife.

"Today more than ever before it is clear that she was murdered by Robert Durst in Westchester County, New York on January 31, 1982. The evidence is overwhelming," they wrote. "The McCormack family is still waiting for justice. Kathie is still waiting for justice."

Kathie was reportedly 29 when she disappeared. She was about to graduate from medical school at the time. Kathie and Robert Durst were married for nine years and had lived in South Salem near Connecticut.

According to the AP, Kathie went to the hospital weeks before her disappearance to treat injuries she said were caused by Durst. When she disappeared, Durst told the police that he took her to a train heading to New York City and had a drink with a neighbor shortly afterward before talking to her over the phone as she stayed at their apartment in Manhattan. He also noted that they had a fight earlier that night.

During the L.A. trial, Durst denied killing Berman and Kathie. Meanwhile, Chesnoff and Dick DeGuerin, another lawyer working on Durst's case, argued that the prosecutors' claim has not been proven partially because he has not been convicted of Kathie's murder.

Prosecutors believed that Durst killed Berman in an attempt to silence her after he had confessed to her that he murdered Kathie. Berman was found dead an hour before she was scheduled to meet the police.

The real estate heir was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after The Jinx, an HBO documentary about his life, was released in 2015. The documentary showed an alleged confession related to Berman's death as filmmakers confronted Durst with proof linking him to the murder, the AP.

In the same documentary, Durst confessed that he made up the details about meeting a neighbor for a drink and talking to his ex-wife over the phone, claiming that he hoped "that would just make everything go away."

Durst also, at one point, stepped away from the camera and went to a bathroom where he whispered to himself on a live microphone: "killed them all, of course."

Newsweek reached out to Durst's lawyers and Rocah's office for comments but didn't hear back in time for publication.

NY Prosecutor Plans to Indict Robert Durst
erA Westchester district attorney plans to indict Robert Durst for the death of his ex-wife who disappeared in 1982. Above, Durst, 78, takes the stand and testifies in his murder trial answering questions from defense attorney DeGuerin, left, at the Inglewood Courthouse on August 9 in Inglewood, California. Photo by Gary Coronado-Pool/Getty Images