New Yorker Shares Bonkers Apartment Layout Where You Can't Open the Oven

A New Yorker has shared his bonkers apartment layout which means he's barely able to open the oven.

The resident, named only as Clay, shared a clip to TikTok in response to a call out for nonsensical designs.

The clip starts: "What's something about your New York City apartment that people outside of the city will think is ridiculous."

Clay films his oven, featuring a gas stove, which sits in the corner of his kitchen by the window.

Demonstrating the massive design flaw, Clay says "our lovely oven is just..." as he attempts to open the door, only to have it hit the cabinet on the left.


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Clay goes on to explain the step-by-step process required to get into the cooker, as he says: "So you have to open the drawer, move it to the side, then it comes open."

The clip blew up online after it was shared earlier this month, and people were so interested in how Clay managed to work the oven he posted a follow-up clip.

He explained in-depth the technique, saying: "To answer some general questions, for everyone saying just push it over to this little inch right here, you push it over, no help."

Clay shifts the cooker, but the door hits the cabinet, as he continues: "For folks asking about why you've got to open the drawer, it gets rid of that little lip right there so this can come down."

Despite the complicated method to gain access, to add insult to injury he shockingly revealed the cooker doesn't even open fully because it hits a pipe.

"And last but not least, when you do actually open it, it can't even open all the way," he admitted.

In spite of the very serious access issues, Clay added: "But at the end of the day it's an oven and I'm lucky to have it. I can't complain."

Clay's tutorial, and the fact he was grateful to have a stove to begin with, has baffled people online.

"'It's an oven and I'm lucky to have it' is the most NYC thing I've ever heard," TikToker Ka wrote.

Echoing that sentiment, Rosaline Woods asked: "Lucky to have it?! Are New Yorkers okay?"

While Caitlin Carson pointed out: "I love that the wall literally has a mark from it."

That struck a chord with G Vee, who said: "I laughed out loud when it hit the pipe."

And it seems Clay isn't alone in his dinner dilemma, as CarrieAFisher admitted: "I lived in LA without an oven for 6 years, I feel this."

And revealing an oven's true purpose in the Big Apple, Gabe Hachiko Deb reminded us "The oven is just more storage space. That's what Carrie Bradshaw said."

While Mariela wondered how Clay learned the oven opening routine, enquiring: "Did they show you this hack or did you have to learn it?"

Fire escapes in New York
Stock image of fire escapes in New York. An apartment in the Big Apple is going viral after the tenant revealed you can't open the oven. Elisank79/Getty iStock