Boy, 12, Sent Home From School for Not Wearing Enough Pink on Pink Shirt Day

A New Zealand school is investigating after a student was allegedly sent home on Pink Shirt Day because his clothing did not have enough pink on it.

Claire Lealiifano told local media that her son, 12, had been sent home by a teacher at Helensville Primary School in Auckland. He was told his clothing did not meet the requirements set by the faculty, which said students not in the color had to wear their usual uniforms.

Pink Shirt Day, celebrated in various forms across the globe, is an anti-bullying movement intended to promote positive social relationships, celebrate diversity and spread compassion.

Lealiifano told Newshub that her son had been dressed in as much of the color as he owned. She complained to the school after the child was sent home without adequate notification.

"It was Pink Day so we sent the kids to school wearing as much pink as we could find. Obviously having a couple of boys, they don't have as much pink. [My son] managed to find a top which had pink all over the back," she told the local news organization earlier today.

"I was just in the kitchen getting ready to go visit a friend, when I hear a banging at the front door which was my son pretty upset saying 'I have been sent home to change.' Anything could have happened to my son, anything. Him walking home on his own, me not being at home."

The Auckland mother posted about the incident on Facebook and claimed her son had been singled out because she spotted other kids not in pink, The New Zealand Herald reported.

"Apparently what he was wearing wasn't good enough. So the head of the year sent him home to get changed without checking I was home," Lealiifano wrote, adding: #bullyingisnotok.

Lealiifano said she told the boy's father then had a meeting with staff in which the principal conceded the child should not have been sent home and his clothing was pink enough.

She said her son had been distressed and was "in tears for the entire meeting," TVNZ (1 NEWS) reported.

The Helensville Primary School Board of Trustees told Newshub the incident took place at 8:25 a.m. and confirmed that school officials, including the principal, were now investigating.

It stated: "We need time to follow due process. As you will understand we cannot comment on matters relating to individuals. We can confirm we are taking this concern seriously and have sought advice so that we work through a fair and robust process in line with best practice."

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