News of Andrew Cuomo's $5 Million Book Payment Prompts Renewed Calls for Resignation

New York state lawmakers kicked up the latest crescendo of calls for Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation Monday amid reports he was paid $5.12 million for American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the Pandemic, a book he wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the deaths of more than 52,000 people across the state.

State assemblymembers from both parties rebooted calls for Cuomo to resign as investigators continue to probe numerous sexual misconduct allegations as well as records showing his office deliberately falsified pandemic death numbers last year. News reports Monday revealed Cuomo's financial disclosure forms which contained the proceeds from his American Crisis book published earlier this year. Cuomo's federally adjusted gross income of $3,593,343, combined with his $5 million book deal reignited his critics' calls for him to step down over the dual scandals.

"Today's news is further confirmation of the insidious and ugly truth that Andrew Cuomo took millions of dollars from Crown Publishing to write a book in the middle of the pandemic, while families buried their loved ones," wrote Assemblymember Ron Kim, who publicly acknowledged losing an uncle to COVID-19 last year in the wake of controversial Cuomo executive orders.

Cuomo issued executive orders which placed hospital patients sick with COVID-19 back into nursing homes. A state attorney general's report issued in January 2021 then showed the governor's office tried to cover-up a massive undercount of coronavirus deaths across New York state.

"He pulled staffers from the pandemic response so their time could be freed up to lie about their morally bankrupt governor. Every member of this administration who contributed to falsifying life and death data should be held criminally responsible for defrauding the public. Their actions have contaminated and poisoned the public trust, and we must hold all of them accountable," Kim stated Monday.

Here's my statement on Cuomo's $5.12 million book deal during the pandemic:

— Ron T. Kim (@rontkim) May 17, 2021

Manhattan borough president candidate and former state official Lindsey Boylan also issued a statement Monday that called out Cuomo for "abusing his power to secure a $5.1 million book deal." She went on to directly accuse Cuomo of "lying about nursing home deaths and securing VIP access to COVID tests for his inner circle."

The director of New York's Working Families Party, Sochie Nnaemeka, also issued a statement Monday blasting the book deal as only the latest corroboration Cuomo "is unfit to lead."

Many publishing industry insiders have questioned how Cuomo received such a large financial book deal given the sales failure of his 2014 memoir, All Things Possible. According to The New Republic, Cuomo was paid a $700,000 advance to write American Crisis, published last fall.

Spectrum News reporter Nick Reisman noted Monday afternoon that Cuomo earned $1.5 million in net income and donated $500,000 of that share to the United Way and vaccination drives. The rest reportedly was placed in a trust fund for his daughters.

Newsweek reached out to the governor's offices in Albany, New York, for any additional responses to Monday's book blowback.

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Protesters gather on March 20 in New York City to demand the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The demands for Governor Cuomo's resignation are in response to the sexual harassment allegations made by numerous women and a cover-up preventable of coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in nursing homes. DAVID DEE DELGADO / Stringer/Getty Images