David Frum on the Rhetoric of Iraq

When the Bush administration decided to go to war in 2003, David Frum found himself at the center of a daunting messaging effort. In Newsweek, he looks back on Bush’s ‘axis of evil’ speech and more.

The Correspondent

The desert in Kuwait seemed such a wasteland. Goose farms near the Iraqi border yielded huge quantities of s--t, which gathered along the sides of the roads and in the yard of the house where we were squatting. When the sandstorms blew, so did the s--t, smearing the world with its stench. That patch of desert already felt abandoned to the war. There was no question that it would slide in of its own weight; it was just a question of when. The border—the constant pounding of tanks, the hovering helicopters, and the military police patrolling—was a trembling faultline.

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Art Buddahs

Buddhas in Danger

Among china’s greatest art treasures are the Buddhist caves near Dunhuang, an oasis on the fabled Silk Road that once linked China and Europe. Their ancient frescoes, sculptures, and other relics date as far back as A.D. 430 and have survived wars, environmental damage, antiquities hunters, and the chaotic Cultural Revolution. But their biggest threat today is tourism.

David Chase

‘The Sopranos’ creator David Chase on the anxieties of love.
Depictions of Jesus

Who Was Jesus?

A recent papyrus that referenced Jesus’ wife caused an uproar. it may be a hoax, but what do we really know about the historical truth of the early life of Jesus? Even the gospels disagree.
Angels in the Wings

Angels in the Wings

Grassroots supporters, lobbyists, miracles, politics—even for the most venerated Catholics, it's a long climb.

Two Worlds Merge

When the hurricane hit, the city's Orthodox Jews stepped up to care for their African-American neighbors.
Green Rankings

Leaner and Greener

Newsweek’s annual rankings reveal the planet’s biggest protectors—and polluters.

War of the Wombs

Keith Mason and his wife are leading a growing national campaign to legally define human embryos as people, which would outlaw abortion—and possibly some forms of birth control, opponents say. In an exclusive interview, he discusses his ambitious plans.