Why We’re in the Budgetary Soup

Championing smaller government without coming to grips with Social Security and Medicare is like playing basketball without a ball.

Empire State of Jobs

The Empire State Building recently received an ecofriendly makeover, which will reduce energy costs by millions.

Don't Read These Symptoms the Wrong Way

In evaluating a child’s behavior, many psychiatrists will view these symptoms as evidence of bipolar disorder, but author Stuart L. Kaplan, M.D., sees other explanations.

Clinton's Hiring Squad

Business leaders, nonprofit directors, lawmakers, and academics will discuss jobs at next week’s CGI summit.

Obama's Priorities

After meeting with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council in North Carolina last week, President Obama said that former president Clinton will help spearhead a national effort to create jobs by offering incentives to building owners to invest in energy-efficient upgrades.

The Real Minimum Wage

Those without jobs are often willing to work for far less than $7.25. NEWSWEEK chronicles how low they will go.

Don't Dis My Sequel!

We ask some of the summer’s biggest celebrities to defend their newest retreads.

The First Mates Club

Behind every good candidate is a great spouse. How do these GOP partners measure up?

America's Most Sleep-Deprived Place

Forget the drowsy air-traffic controllers. What are the places that most need a nap? THE DAILY BEAST crunched data provided by Experian Simmons on the number of people who have insomnia or sleep disorders and use pain relievers to combat it.

Obama’s Collapsing Base

The president can’t catch a break. Republicans loathe him, and now even old pals are bailing on the onetime Teflon commander in chief. Why are Obama’s allies turning against him?

Mother's Day Gifts

For Mother’s Day, a stylish milk carton—and a bright view of the world.

The $1 Billion Campaign

The cost of Obama’s reelection campaign is expected to rocket into 10 figures. How does that compare with that of past aspirants?

Goodbye 'Gigli,' Hello the New Ben Affleck

In the company men, Bobby Walker is a Porsche-driving golden boy laid off from his middle-management job. He smugly expects an easy landing somewhere, but the economy has other plans, which is how he ends up delivering one of the most wrenching lines in a movie that’s full of them: “I’m a 37-year-old unemployed loser who can’t support his family.”

Robert Kaplan Pegs Indian Ocean Rim as Global Hub

Foreign policymakers distracted by recent history—the fallout from the end of the Cold War, the morasses of Iraq and Afghanistan—should shift their gazes from northern landmasses to southern seas. That’s the thrust of Robert Kaplan’s new book, Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power, which argues that the Indian Ocean “will demographically and strategically be a hub of the 21st-century world.”

Q&A With Ukraine's Viktor Yushchenko

Viktor Yushchenko was ousted as president of Ukraine nearly a year ago. NEWSWEEK speaks with him about the recent local elections, his legacy, and Ukraine’s strategic relationship with Russia.

Green Rankings: 2010 Full Methodology

To produce the 2010 Green Rankings, NEWSWEEK collaborated with MSCI ESG Research—a leading source of environmental, social, and governance ratings—which served as lead research organization; Trucost, which specializes in quantitative measurements of environmental performance;, the world’s largest online directory of social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental reports; and our editorial partner, ASAP Media. The goal was to assess each company’s actual environmental footprint and management of that footprint (including policies and strategies), along with its reputation among environmental experts.

Friday Caption Contest: The Donald Graduates

It has been a busy month for Donald Trump, including the premiere of a recession-centric season of "The Apprentice," and a recent announcement that he is considering a 2012 run for the White House. But before he gets to Pennsylvania Avenue, it looks like he is making sure all his elitist credentials are in order.

Mao's Great Famine

The Great Leap Forward, the period from 1958 to 1962 that saw the deaths of an estimated 45 million Chinese, lacks the heft of horror associated with Hitler’s and Stalin’s genocides.

Why John Boehner Could Be a Good House Speaker

John Boehner, the 10-term Republican congressman from Ohio and current House minority leader, seems like a pleasant enough fellow. He enjoys a good round of golf. His voice is smooth and sonorous. His resplendent ocher tan never fades, even in winter.

Friday Caption Contest: Cake Walk

There is nothing but doom and gloom in political news these days, but at the U.S. Open this week, life was a cake walk. An Ace of Cakes walk, that is.

Is This the End for Obama's 'New Beginning' Between the US and Muslims?

Just over a year ago the fledgling president got up in front of a capacity crowd at Cairo University in Egypt and promised "a new beginning" for relations between America and the Muslim world. Controversy over the planned Muslim center near Ground Zero, Pastor Terry Jones's mooted Quran burning, the death it has caused, and allegations of atrocities by U.S. troops in Afghanistan may have thwarted those hopes....