Jackie Robinson wore different numbers before appearing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and there are many stories about No. 42.
"Outriders" update 1.06 has arrived with a big inventory wipe fix, but it doesn't fully solve the problem. Read the patch notes here.
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"Apex Legends" character leaks keep on coming, with Pariah being the latest name in the mix. That being said, this recon-based Legend isn't likely for Season 9.
Gamers suspect that more PlayStation 5 consoles will become available at major retailers this week.
Capcom promises a new trailer and gameplay, along with more "Resident Evil" news during the upcoming stream.
You can't play PS5 games directly from a USB device—you can only copy game data.
Fans can expect roughly 20 minutes of announcements and gameplay during the latest stream.
"Fortnite" hosts the Aloy cup April 14 on PlayStation platforms, allowing players to unlock the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" heroine early. Learn what time the tournament starts and how to win.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" Season 2 is about to come to a close, which means talk of the supposed nuke event is at an all-time high. Following this new teaser, we may know the date it's expected to go down.
Other improvements to the Trophy settings and party chats are also included.
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Like its Incarnate Forme, trainers should bring plenty of Ice-type Pokémon into battle.
Skrelp and Clauncher will make their "Pokémon Go" debuts during this event.
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Can't imagine how players played the Wii U version without the lock-on feature.
"Astro's Playroom" is a welcoming adventure that will make you fall in love with your new PS5 DualSense controller.
The game rewards exploration and there's plenty to do outside the main story.