A very limited number of PlayStation 5 consoles may become available at a major retailer this week.
"WandaVision" Episode 2 saw a man in a bee-keeper's outfit emerge from a drain, and fans have plenty of theories as to who he is and what he could mean for the Disney+ show.
The next-gen Xbox Series X and the digital edition Xbox Series S continue to sell out each time they are restocked.
Trainers have a chance to get a Metagross that knows the exclusive move Meteor Mash.
"Batwoman" Season 2 sees Ruby Rose replaced by Javicia Leslie, and the first episode revealed exactly where Rose's Kate Kane has gone on The CW show.
Major retailers are generally sold out of the next-gen PlayStation console as the PS5 remains in high demand.
The next episode of "Attack on Titan" is titled "Assault."
"Batwoman" Season 2 sees a new actor put on the cape and cowl as Javicia Leslie's Ryan Wilder takes over from Ruby Rose's Kate Kane.
"Fortnite" hosts its Streamer Bowl II Cup January 16, and we want to make sure you're prepared for solo domination. Get the latest on the start time, format, rules and more.
"Apex Legends" Season 8 teasers have arrived, and there's lots of chatter about Salvo and the Inauguration Ship. We explain what it might mean for the upcoming Battle Pass.
"Cyberpunk 2077" didn't have a smooth launch, and a new article explains just how troubled the game's development truly was.
If you can't play local multiplayer, here's how you can join friends online.
"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" Zombies Firebase Z arrives February 4. Here's everything we know after the 115 Day reveal.
"Destiny 2" has a new Xur inventory for January 15, and PvP is about to get crazy. Arbalest, Oathkeeper and ACD/0 Feedback Fence are here.
"Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" has another Prime Gaming bundle up for grabs, and it's Slushie Bear. Get a full look at the new skin here.
In the first two episodes of the just-launched Disney+ series, there seem to be references to two organizations from Marvel Comics.
Debuting on Sunday, "Untold: AJ Styles Royal Rumble Debut" relays how 17 years in the ring built up to one of the best Royal Rumble debuts of all time.
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"ARK: Survival Evolved" update 2.46 expands Genesis 2 Chronicles with more Explorer Notes and new rewards. Read all about it in the official patch notes.
There are nine confirmed matches for this Saturday's show.
The trading range will be temporarily increased to 40km for a limited time.
Find out the latest updates on the Xbox Series X and Series S stock situation at major U.S. retailers.
Gamers have a chance of getting the Playstation 5 today, as an online retailer has announced it will be restocked.
"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" has a new Season 1 roadmap with additional maps and modes across the entire game. Express has also returned.
The retired icon is slated to appear in an episode centered on the late Brian Pillman.
"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" has a new update, bringing midseason content like Sanatorium and Dropkick to the game. Read all about it in the full patch notes.
The Xbox Series S is available to buy online now, though the Xbox Series X is more difficult to find.
Explore the Lental region and uncover the mysteries behind the Illumina Phenomenon.
PS5 consoles may become easier to purchase in the next few months, but for now, the stock remains limited.
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