Despite not understanding the concept of the show at first, Ball was a key player in the series getting made.
The Toronto Ultra Call of Duty League team is hosting a big "Warzone" tournament today. Find out the event's start time, standings, format and more heading into the main event.
The Psychic-type Pokémon Elgyem makes its "Pokémon Go" debut.
MrBeast tried to stump the internet with a tough riddle last week. Recently, the YouTuber spoke with "Newsweek" to discuss the ambition behind one of the world's most difficult puzzles.
This Nintendo Wii U port is coming to the Switch on October 30.
The surprise new level has caused fans to want the Rainbow Road stage to return.
The "Marvel's Avengers" beta has a ton of breadth and scope, and yet there's still a lot that we won't see until the full game releases.
While Peter Parker arriving in the Square Enix superhero game is news in of itself, the announcement that Spidey will only be available for PlayStation owners caused a divisive debate in the gamer sphere.
"Cause despite the odds we found ways to still gather no matter how big or small 'cause when Juggalos get together it's a Gathering."
"Fortnite" update 13.40 is live with four different car types, Radio Stations and more. Get your Joyride Update patch notes here.
"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'' update 1.24 adds Season 5 DLC like Warzone map changes, Oil Rig and new weapons. Read the full patch notes here.
"Stargirl" will air the first part of its two-part finale this week, but there is already good news for fans of The CW DC show.
There are eight new skins to collect in this annual event.
"Destiny 2" has a new hotfix for players to download that adds some questionable nerfs. Read the full patch notes here.
A new side story for Grøh will be added to Soul Chronicle after completing his main story.
"Fallout 76" Update 21 has arrived, and it's far less interesting than originally planned. Read the full patch notes here.
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