NVIDIA's Geforce RTX 3060 has been revealed, and here's how its specs compare to the 2070, 3060 Ti and even Sony's PS5.
Most of the new fighter adjustments apply to Master Roshi.
If you're lucky, you can find a Shiny Heatran or Shiny Buizel during the Sinnoh Celebration event.
Also, a new Mario-themed Nintendo Switch will be released on February 12.
"Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" has a new update designed to improve next-gen performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Read the full patch notes here.
The next-gen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles are generally out of stock at major retailers.
"Warzone" has a stim glitch for the third time, and it's really similar to the last one. Get the full details here.
Two months after it was released, gamers are still trying to get their hands on the elusive next-gen Sony console.
"PUBG Mobile" update 1.2 has arrived on Android and iOS to add a Runic Power twist to Season 17. Learn all about the new abilities in these patch notes.
Players who purchased FighterZ Pass 3 will gain access to Super Baby 2 two days early.
Five new OtterBox products were revealed during this year's CES convention on Monday, and they're all a sign that the company is getting more serious about mobile gaming.
Heatran will return to Raids when the event begins.
Frillish will be available for the first time in "Pokémon Go" via the Go Battle League.
Major U.S. retailers are currently sold out of the Xbox Series X consoles and have not announced when more will be in stock.
Major retailers are generally out of stock of the PS5, as SUP3R5 cancels all P2-themed console orders.
The next episode of "Attack on Titan" is titled, "The War Hammer Titan."
"American Gods" Season 3 will see a major cast shake-up of the Starz show, with cast members like Marilyn Manson, Danny Trejo and Ashley Reyes among the new stars joining the series.
"Dying Light 2" appears to be struggling in development, but Techland wants you to know the game isn't dead yet.
Finding a PS5 is still a struggle with most retailers still out of stock despite promises of more units.
The world's best "Tetris" player passed away earlier this week, and his fans are shocked and saddened by the news.
The cushion is being sold in Japan only for approximately $250.
"Destiny 2" continues into 2021 with a new Xur inventory for January 8. Telesto, Antaeus Wards and Sealed Ahamkara Grasps are on sale, but will you buy them for your Guardian?
An artist who has worked with Shueisha also had their account locked.
"Fortnite" Creative is ringing in the new year with some really exciting concepts. Want to play Money Wars or trudge through a scary horror map? We've got you covered.
The PS5 and Xbox Series X mockups were apparently made by employees at a store in Schaumburg, Illinois.
The next-gen Microsoft consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S, may not become readily available for months.
"NBA 2K21" just got its first major ratings update of the 2021 season, and there are a few surprises for the league's hottest players. See the full list of tweaks here.
"Star Trek: Discovery" recently aired its season finale, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the release of Season 4 of the CBS All Access and Netflix hit.
The PlayStation 5 sold out at two major retailers yesterday as gamers struggle to get their hands on the Sony console.
Earn gear inspired by SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and more.