"They just laughed their a**es off. Like, imagine an hour of somebody just laughing at you. That was kind of how that meeting went," Kevin Bachus, director of third-party relations for Xbox, said recently.
"Apex Legends" fans are dealing with crashes following the Fight Night update, but EA is investigating a fix.
"Fortnite" fans may be wondering how to signal the Coral Buddies to complete their Week 6 questline. In this guide, we reveal the location and explain what to do when you get there.
"Fortnite" Week 6 quests ask players to blow up Fishing Holes at six different locations, including Lake Canoe, Sweaty Sands, Flopper Pond and more. In this guide, we'll reveal the locations and explain what to do.
SUP3R5 will be launching pre-orders for 304 modified black PlayStation 5 consoles inspired by the PlayStation 2.
Gootecks shared video footage of a woman who died after being shot during the violence in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.
"Warzone" has a new update for January 6 that nerfs some very divisive weapons. Read the full patch notes here.
And the third planned Franchise mode update is coming some time in February.
"Destiny 2" players may have had trouble completing the new Coup De Grace mission, but Bungie has a fix for you.
Antonline restocked a PS5 bundle that included games like 'Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales' sold for more than $800 on Tuesday.
Mega Charizard Y will have its power increased during this event, and it's a perfect option to battle Genesect.
The Vancouver-based studio is also behind the reboot of "Punch Out!"
"Apex Legends" update 1.55 has landed, bringing Fight Night content and a few meta updates to the game. Read the full patch notes here.
The 34th and final volume is slated for a June release.
"Warzone" players are using a new companion app that totally wrecks competitive play, but taking advantage of Overwolf may carry some risks.
The Xbox Series X is generally out of stock but an Xbox Series S bundle is currently available at Antonline.
"Cyberpunk 2077" players on PC can play the game in third-person with this player-made mod. It looks janky, but it's interesting nonetheless.
Antonline has confirmed it will have more PS5 stock sometime this month while Newegg has listed a bundle as "coming soon."
Show off your unique avatar and Pokémon team for a chance to win.
It seems that the end of the Wano arc is upon us.
"Apex Legends" has another big event coming up, but it starts a little later than you might think. Here's everything we know about the upcoming Fight Night update.
The Xbox Series S is currently available at Best Buy, though the Xbox Series X console has sold out.
Genesect will return to Legendary Raids during this special event.
Halo Infinite is scheduled to be released later this year after a series of "development challenges." Here's what we know about the next installment of the fan-favorite first person shooter.
"Doctor Who" fans have been rocked by reports that Jodie Whittaker could be quitting after the next season, but these have not been officially confirmed by the BBC.
Up to 18 million PS5 consoles could be produced in 2021, but right now, the PlayStation 5 remains elusive.
The PS5 remains in high demand and stock is still limited as we enter 2021. Here are the major retailers and current availability of the next-gen gaming console and its accessories.
The two-day event could crown a new double champion.
"Fortnite" fans may be looking for the buried Blue Coin in Retail Row to polish off their Week 5 Challenges. In this guide we'll tell you where it's located.
"Fortnite" Week 5 Challenges are all about Gnomes, and we want to make sure you know how to dig up, bury and collect them to earn that sweet XP. Here are all the locations you need to know.