The standard edition of Sony's next-gen console is currently in stock at both Newegg and Walmart, however most other outlets are sold out.
The owner is now seeking to sell the rare Charizard trading card from 1999 through a Danish website.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" is about to host its highly anticipated Nuke Event, so here's everything we know about it, based on leaks and official teases.
The clip brings viewers to 1600s Japan, where we meet Hanzo Hasashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) and his family on the patriarch's compound. Viewers get a glimpse into the fighter's personal life before tragedy hits.
"Destiny 2" Guardian Games are going live through May 11. Here's everything you should know about Medals, Laurels, Contender Cards and more.
Whether you've played the game on PS2 or this is the first time, "Shin Megami Tensei 3" remastered is a fun experience so far.
"Apex Legends Mobile" has finally been revealed, but don't expect crossplay with PlayStation, Switch, Xbox or PC.
Binacle will make its "Pokémon Go" debut with this new event.
The much sought-after games console is still difficult to find for many would-be players months after its launch.
'ARK: Survival Evolved' Genesis Part 2 was the focus of multiple major reveals Friday night.
"Apex Legends" Season 9 teasers are officially underway, with new challenges based on Invitations and Passcode Holosprays. In this guide, we'll explain what it all means.
The surprise cameo may have huge implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.
There will be three demo sessions scheduled for the next few weekends.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" got the Sykov Pistol on Thursday afternoon, and it's shredding the meta. Get the gun's best loadout and find out how to unlock the Akimbo perk.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" players are turning into Zombies after Thursday's update. Find out how you can become undead to dominate opposing squads.
Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, formerly of the tag team The IIConics, were also in this latest round of releases.
Jackie Robinson wore different numbers before appearing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, and there are many stories about No. 42.
"Outriders" update 1.06 has arrived with a big inventory wipe fix, but it doesn't fully solve the problem. Read the patch notes here.
Shinso is ready to show what he's got in the next episode of "My Hero Academia."
"Fortnite'' Week 5 Challenges are going live, which means it's time to modify vehicles with Off-Road Tires. In this guide, we'll show you how to do it.
"Apex Legends" character leaks keep on coming, with Pariah being the latest name in the mix. That being said, this recon-based Legend isn't likely for Season 9.
Those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass can play for free.
Gamers suspect that more PlayStation 5 consoles will become available at major retailers this week.
Capcom promises a new trailer and gameplay, along with more "Resident Evil" news during the upcoming stream.
This latest update focuses on stability and fixing common bugs that prevented certain quest progression.
You can't play PS5 games directly from a USB device—you can only copy game data.
Fans can expect roughly 20 minutes of announcements and gameplay during the latest stream.
"Fortnite" hosts the Aloy cup April 14 on PlayStation platforms, allowing players to unlock the "Horizon: Zero Dawn" heroine early. Learn what time the tournament starts and how to win.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" Season 2 is about to come to a close, which means talk of the supposed nuke event is at an all-time high. Following this new teaser, we may know the date it's expected to go down.
Other improvements to the Trophy settings and party chats are also included.