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Many fans are worried for Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and what Watt's move to the Cardinals will mean for him next season.
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The title of the next episode is "Children of the Forest."
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The origins of this powerful magic comes from an ancient demon.
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The Xbox Series S is currently available to buy at numerous retailers, though the Series X is less widely available.
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Last year's number one pick, Greninja, didn't make the Top 10.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" allegedly has a big map update due in April, so enjoy classic Verdansk while you still can.
We have to get something cool for "Pokémon Go," right?
Use a special code found in the Pokémon newsletter and on the official social media channels to get your special Pikachu.
Fans will get approximately 20 minutes of news from the Pokémon world this Friday.
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