SNK is best known for the games "Metal Slug," "King of Fighters" and "Samurai Shodown."
Special Unknown will begin hatching from 10km Eggs.
New tasks include battling other trainers and Team Leaders.
"Destiny 2" has a new Xur inventory for the weekend of August 30, and we want to make sure you know where to spend those Shards. Get his location and roll details here.
Prior to a February update, visiting specific sites on your iPhone could have sent your passwords, chat history and location data to unknown hackers.
Joel Schumacher, who directed "Batman Forever," is torn about his leading man.
Somehow, Arnold Schwarzenegger's reformed Terminator Model 101 survived (or was replaced) after his molten metal dip in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day.'
Nadeshot has confirmed in a new video on Twitter that the organization will not be returning in 2020.
Players can win up to $5,500 in the seven-week Season X "Fortnite" tournament.
You'll need special items to evolve Pokémon.
"The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" is a prequel set hundreds of years before the events of Jim Henson's 1982 movie.
Newsweek spoke to half a dozen game developers about why they chose Epic Game Store exclusivity to support their indie titles.
"NXT got to the USA Network because of NXT."
"Fortnite" Week 5 Blockbuster Challenges are live. Time to locate the run down Hero Mansion and abandoned Villain's Lair.
"Fortnite" Season 10 Blockbuster Challenges are live, and the search between tasks are back. Let's find a Basement Film Camera, Snowy Stone Head and Flashy Gold Big Rig.
"Fortnite" Season 10 Blockbuster Challenges are live, and the search between tasks return. Let's locate a Battle Star between a Rotary Phone, Fork Knife and a Hillside House full of Carbide and Omega Posters.
Microsoft has announced they're working to resolve an issue with Xbox Live that is preventing gamers from signing in.