You can pre-order the Shovel Knight amiibo three-pack today.
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Sprite bottles shaped like "Star Wars" galaxy grenades have been banned on all U.S. flights.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is powerful, water resistant and includes five different cameras.
Waiting in long queues to slay boars is what "World of Warcraft Classic" is all about.
There are 10 matches with at least one new champion being crowned.
Cosmic Eclipse is the final expansion in the Sun and Moon series.
"Star Wars Battlefront 2" update 1.37 gives health regen to all Heroes and adds new ships to Heroes vs Villains.
The launch celebration begins at 2 a.m. EDT on August 29.
Roman Reigns took his frustrations out on Daniel Bryan.
Two more King of the Ring matches determine quarterfinal matchups.
Book 4 of "The Stormlight Archive" is halfway to completion and author Brandon Sanderson is considering flashbacks from a dead character.
Richard Montañez grew up in a migrant labor camp and became a janitor at Frito-Lay until a factory mishap inspired him to experiment with the Cheetos formula and create something new.
"Destiny 2" has a new Ascendant Challenge after the Weekly Reset. Find all eggs and lore in the Harbinger's Seclude Keep of Honed Edges challenge.
A special log-in celebration will run from the game's launch.
Here's where to find Claptrap's eye and the Vault Symbols in the new Pandora area in "Fortnite"
Players will be able to race on tracks that resemble famous cities like New York and Paris.
"Fortnite" Update 10.20 is live, and it adds Pandora, the Shield Bubble and a major Turbo Building nerf. Read the full patch notes here.