'Dying Light 2' studio Techland will remain independent, according to a new message from the company's community manager.
'Destiny 2' players have a new Xur inventory to peruse during the weekend. Get Hard Light and some broken Dunemarchers here.
Trainers can get a Gardevoir and Gallade with the exclusive move Synchronoise during the event.
"ARK: Survival Evolved" update 2.48 has just released, and it brings the Love Evolved 2 event to the game. Read the latest patch notes here.
"ARK: Survival Evolved" on PS4 has yet to receive the Love Evolved 2 event, but its developers are hopeful it will be published soon.
"ARK" Love Evolved 2 began on most platforms Thursday night, so we're here to recap everything you should know about Box o' Chocolates, the new Chibis, cheats and more.
Watt is leaving Houston as the team leader in all-time sacks.
A supply shortage combined with high demand means that the PlayStation 5 continues to be elusive to gamers.
Gamers may have to wait a few more months before either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S become readily available.
"Call of Duty: Warzone" players are finding weird Zombies teases in Verdansk, suggesting a new mode or Easter egg hunt may be imminent.
Relive iconic moments and represent your favorite Scouts in this special merchandise program.
McDonald's says it doesn't condone the reselling of Happy Meal toys for a marked up price on the secondary market.
"NBA 2K21" next-gen Patch 4 arrived Thursday morning. Fades have finally been nerfed and many famous faces look better. Read the official patch notes here.
The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles continue to quickly sell out each time they are released.
Post Malone joins Katy Perry for the P25 Music program and digital concert celebration.
The highly in-demand PlayStation 5 console is unlikely to become widely available for a few more months.
"Fortnite" Week 11 Challenges are here to get players in the Valentine's Day spirit. Want to know where you can serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner? We've got all three locations.
"Fortnite" fans are looking for roses at Steel Farm and the Orchard. In this guide, we'll show you where both of these precious flowers are found.
"Fortnite" Week 11 Challenges are all about love. In this guide, we'll show you where to collect and deliver Grimbles' love potion in Fort Crumpet, Shanty Town and more.
"Fortnite" Week 11 challenges require collecting chocolate boxes from Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges and more. In this guide, we'll show you all possible locations.
"The Mandalorian" and its Disney+ "Star Wars" spin-offs will be without Gina Carano as Cara Dune after Lucasfilm confirmed they will no longer be working with the actor.
"The Last of Us'" video game is turning into an HBO series. The casting of Joel and Ellie has been revealed, and plot details are starting to be announced.
Gamers will be able to play through the original 3D World portion of the game and then hop into Bowser's Fury as an added bonus.
The conversation began when one fan noticed that Deku's pose on the poster looked a lot like Cena's.
TPC says high demand and global shipping constraints have impacted availability of trading cards.
"Destiny 2" Season of the Chosen is upon us, and one of the weirdest new features is the Hammer of Proving. In this guide, we'll explain how to equip it and how it relates to Cabal Gold.
DualSense fixes are covered by the warranty, you'll just need to contact PlayStation Support.
"Fortnite" fans can participate in The Flash Cup on February 10 for a chance to win the first Battle Royale skin based on the DC superhero. Learn when the tournament starts and what you must do to get the skin.
Some customers have taken to purchasing multiple Happy Meals at one time to get exclusive Pokémon trading cards.