Q&A: Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney's kid sister, 13-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, now has her own sitcom, "Zoey 101," on Nickelodeon. (Her character's a girl at a previously all-boys school.) More than a million-and-a-half kids watched the premiere. She spoke to NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

What's all that noise? Where are you?

I'm at a ball game. I'm a cheerleader.

Are you one of those cheerleaders who get thrown up in the air?

No, I'm a base. I lift them up.

You go to regular school. Do the kids treat you differently?

No, ma'am. Not at all. I've grown up with these people all my life, so they don't really treat me different. I've taken some of my friends on the set. They get to be extras, so they like it a lot.

What is your best and worst subject?

My best is probably history and my worst is algebra. My teacher is awesome--she's the best teacher in algebra--but I just don't get it.

What else do you do?

Softball. I play outfield.

Not to sound mean, but isn't that where they stick bad players?

That's when you're little and nobody hits it out there. But this is junior varsity.

Are there any celebs you really want to meet?

Chad Michael Murray, but I think I'd get really shy around him. One time I saw Nelly and I didn't even talk. I was, like, "Oh my gosh."

Do you talk to Britney about boys?

I guess so. But I don't have a boyfriend now. I'm not looking.

Have you gone to any school dances?

Yes, I went to homecoming.

Were you homecoming queen?

[Laughs] No, ma'am. Eighth graders can't be homecoming queen. Only the 12th graders. Hey, I have to go perform right now.

Needed: A Common-Sense Transplant

Britain's Prince Harry put his foot in it again--jackboot and all. At a friend's "native and colonial" dress-up party (not such a hot idea in itself) he was photographed in a World War II-style German uniform, complete with swastika armband. His uncle, Prince Edward, may have some tall explaining to do when he goes to Poland on Jan. 27 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. (Harry had been urged to go along, but a spokesperson told NEWSWEEK this now "wouldn't be appropriate.") Harry issued a short statement saying, "It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize." When that didn't cool anybody out, his Aunt Fergie leapt to his defense, calling him "a great young man" and saying it was time to "move on." But Michael Howard, leader of the Conservative Party--his Jewish parents fled Romania during the Holocaust--wanted to hear "in person about how contrite he is," while former Armed Forces minister Doug Henderson said Harry's application to the Sandhurst Military Academy (where he's expected to start in May) "should be withdrawn immediately." And the fun never sets in the British Empire.

This Could Get a Bit Awkward

Say you're a film exec. You've got a summer movie coming out with a major actor--let's call him Chad--who just split with his wife. He's starring alongside a top actress--call her Tangelina --who, rumor has it, broke up Chad's marriage. The alleged tryst will surely get ink for your film. Do you (a) take the high road and keep quiet, (b) milk it for all it's worth--or (c) appear to do (a) while actually doing (b)? Publicly, Twentieth Century Fox is saying all the right things about its June film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Then again, the salivating blind quotes in gossip pages last week suggest that might be a bunch of (b)s.

Is It Live or Is It Mime-O-Rex?

Last week a throat infection forced Bryn Terfel to mime Wotan in 'Das Rheingold' at Covent Garden, while bass-baritone Sir Donald McIntyre sang from the pit. Other lip-sync landmarks:

ASHLEE SIMPSON, 2004 On 'SNL,' gets out of sync with vocal track, blames acid reflux.
MADONNA, 2004 Flack denied she lip-synced on tour; jury still out.
MILLI VANILLI, 1990Won best-new-artist Grammy; then the truth came out.
AUDREY HEPBURN, 1964 Marni Nixon overdubbed her 'My Fair Lady' songs.
LARRY PARKS, 1946 Mimed to Al Jolson's own singing in 'The Jolson Story.'