Q&A: Tracey Ullman

She's played a lot of kooks in her career, but never one quite like this: in director John Waters's latest film "A Dirty Shame," Tracey Ullman plays an uptight mom who gets conked on the head and becomes a sex addict. She spoke with NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

NEWSWEEK: Why take this part?

I love John Waters. There's stuff in it that's beyond the boundaries of my taste, but his movies have always been like that. And my son wanted me to meet Johnny Knoxville.

What TV shows do you watch?

Jon Stewart. "The Office." I like infomercials. The Jack La Lanne juicing show. But as I get older, I just prefer to knit.

When did you start doing impressions?

From an early age. I used to dress up and impersonate our next-door neighbor, Miss Cox. She wore rubber boots, a wool hat, and her nose always dripped. My father died when I was 6 and we were really sad, so I put on a show for my mum. [In a mocking American accent] Looking back now, it was a kind of therapy.

Did you get into trouble at school?

Not really. It's funny--if you impersonate somebody, they have no idea it's them. And if you tell them they say, "That's not like me at all!" Anyway, I left school at 16 and went to Berlin and danced.

That's very "Cabaret"-ish of you.

Yeah, West Berlin, 1976. It was amazing. I wish they hadn't taken the wall down. Now it's full of east Germans wearing Versace shirts.

What would you be doing if you hadn't made it?

I didn't think I'd go anywhere. I'm from Hackbridge! I would have gotten a job, probably would have become a travel agent, married a bloke named Brian, had it off once a month after a bath, gone to Majorca once a year. But I met my husband, Allan McKeown, and that's when my life began, really.


Yeah, but I don't want the silly sod to hear that.

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