A New Racket

At this point, Venus Williams is used to being overshadowed by her younger sister, Serena, but at least for this week's Wimbledon she'll be better dressed. Venus, in conjunction with her sponsor Reebok, will debut a line of women's tenniswear that she helped design with fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg. "Dressing Venus was a joy," says von Furstenberg, "because she radiates power, elegance and beauty.'' Williams says working with von Furstenberg was "like a dream come true."

This isn't just a celebrity athlete talking up a business partner. Williams has been interested in fashion and design--"anything that requires creative flair"--for years. She owns an interior-design company and takes fashion classes at a local college in Florida; she and von Furstenberg actually passed sketches back and forth.

Venus's style has been more staid than her sister's (remember Serena's supertight cat suit?), but she'll hit the court at Wimbledon in a white corset-style dress with an ultralow back. "We thought about the sizzle factor," says Jan Sharkansky, marketing director for women at Reebok, "so we sent the sketch to the Women's Tennis Association first. We just wanted to be sure there would no be surprises.''

Q&A: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt--you know, that good-looking guy who's married to Jennifer Aniston--has played a hitchhiking thief, a vampire and even Death himself. So it's hardly a stretch for him to be doing the voice of a pirate in the forthcoming animated "Sinbad, Legend of the Seven Seas." He had a sometimes salty exchange with NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.

Why did you decide to be a cartoon voice?

I've got these little nieces and nephews who are absolutely addicting. It made me want to do something for them.

Did you do any research for this part?

Not a thing.

Did you get approval for your action figure?

Not a bit.

So you don't care how it looks?

[Laughs] Nope.

Who was your favorite cartoon character when you were little?

I was a Jonny Quest fanatic. I thought he was pretty bada--.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a cartoon hottie in "Sinbad." When you were younger did you think any cartoon girls were hot?

Ooh, good question. I'm going to have to think about that one for a second. Go on to the next question.

OK, but this may be tough, too. Do you ever look in the mirror in the morning and think, "Hey, I'm pretty good looking"?

[Laughs] Oh, shut the f-- up. Are you kidding me? Oh, my God. I'm probably vain about once every two or three months.

What are you most vain about?

I just feel like it's all put together all right.

Does the constant scrutiny of your marriage in the press bug you ever?

It used to when I was younger. Now I don't give a s--t. I tell you, they're always inaccurate. So now it just becomes which piece is the biggest joke, really.

So now you have to think of a cartoon girl that you thought was hot. Wonder Woman?

Nah, overdone. I'm going to have to go with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Good answer.