Newsmakers: Clive Owen, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Rosie O'Donnell, Donald Trump, P. Diddy, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Owen stars in "children of Men," a futuristic thriller about saving the only pregnant woman in a society thought to be entirely sterile. He chatted with Nicki Gostin.

I think it's full of humanity. [Director Alfonso] Cuaron has made a film set in the future that's really an excuse to talk about things going on right now.


I was never offered that part. I promise.

[ Laughs ] I always do that.

She walked into the read-through and I knew straightaway.

It was a little bit Woody Allen-like. She had little Lennon glasses on and all these secondhand books dropping all over the place.

Couple of meetings and going to get Ugg boots for my girls.

I'm sure you can, but I know they're here.

I know. The exchange rate--my God.


But I get paid in dollars and live in London. I don't get paid in pounds.

[ Laughs ] It's true. I'm not complaining.

You have to feel sorry for them, really. They'll never have the Frank Capra holiday you had, with eggnog and cookies, shining lights and beaming faces, humble presents and good cheer. Still, it's thoughtful of the A-list to give the rest of us the gift of bad press. A toast to the most notorious offerings:

Excelsior! Urban took a break from rehab and flew to Australia to see his blushing bride. Now that you're beating the bottle, Keith, stay off the snow.

She called him a "snake-oil salesman" and a "pimp." He called her a "fat slob" and a "mental midget." Are they too shy to admit they're in love?

Macy's pulled his faux-fur hooded jackets because they're made with real Asian "raccoon dogs." Maybe he can regift them next year.

Broke his leg skiing in Idaho --shame on you, governor. The upside: mended with screws and cables, so now he can pump iron just by walking.