Newsmakers: Emily Blunt Q&A

In "Sunshine Cleaning," Emily Blunt's job is even worse than being an assistant at a certain fashion magazine. She scrubs up bloody crime scenes. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh.

Hi, Emily.
Hi. And I now have my mouth full of a bar I'm eating.

A bar of what?
It's like a protein bar. Omigod. I sound so wanky, so healthy.

Should I give you a few minutes to chew?
It's gone. It's an unattractive thing to listen to someone chewing and swallowing, amplified over the phone.

How long are you going to be in L.A.?
Until the end of April. I'm going to take up learning the cello again.

You play the cello?
I played it for a very long time when I was a kid. Then I stopped playing because I was a teenager and rebellious.

Will you play in public?
Absolutely not. That would be mortifying.

You could do an album.
"Emily Blunt Plays the Beatles' Songs on the Cello."Can you imagine?

You play a crime-scene cleaner in this movie. Did you get freaked out by blood?
I've been really good with blood. I know some people feel like they're going to pull a whitey when they see blood, but I'm actually fine.

What's a whitey?
I assume everyone talks like me, that's the thing. We say in England, to pull a whitey. And that means to faint. So you go white. You can put that into your own words.

You're in another movie called "The Great Buck Howard," playing Colin Hanks's love interest.
I am. We have a romantic thing, and I end up really liking him. He reforms my character.

You and Tom Hanks had a romantic thing, too.
We did. Yeah.

Not in real life; in "Charlie Wilson's War."
It is a very strange thing. But we filmed "Buck Howard" before "Charlie Wilson's." Colin likes to tell his dad, "I got her first."

Your name's been floated around as the next Catwoman in "Batman."
That's cool. But it's a bit scary to follow Michelle. I don't know if I can do that.

I feel like you probably can.
It's very flattering that people are blogging about it. It would be so funny if I heard all these things, and there's not even a whiff of an offer that comes my way.

We should call up Christopher Nolan.
Why don't you call up Chris and try to make it happen? Show me the Catwoman!