Newsmakers: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer

Levi Leaves
It's not all that surprising Bristol Palin and her baby daddy, Levi Johnston, won't make it to the altar. Remember how miserable he looked at the Republican convention? But now we really wish Grandma Sarah were V.P. Why? Because, let's face it, the Obamas and the Bidens are never going to give us a White House scandal this juicy.

Worst Week Ever: Jim Cramer's One-Man Bear Market
Jon Stewart mocks the 'Mad Money' host for pushing Bear Stearns six days before it collapsed.

Cramer says Stewart got it wrong. Stewart apologizes, and shows it was really seven weeks earlier.

Cramer tries to defend himself, but when asked if he got Bear wrong, he says yes. He looks so sad.

When Martha tells Cramer to imagine Jon S. in a pile of dough, he whacks it with a rolling pin. Pitiful.

Fight night! Cramer's excuse: CEOs lied. Stewart's retort: act like a real journalist. Stewart did.