Newsmakers: Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman plays a neurotic MOTHER in "Margot at the Wedding." She spoke to Nicki Gostin.

You know this is a fun interview, not a meaning-of-life interview.
I didn't. Good warning.

There's a scene in "Margot at the Wedding" where you climb a really big tree. Were you scared?
I just loved being up the tree, which I think is probably a metaphor for me because if I can sit up in the clouds I like to stay up there.

Do you forget your keys?
Wallets, keys, bags, coats. I tend to be a little daydreamy. I'm not a good driver.

Do your friends get annoyed when you daydream?
I don't think so. [Pause] I'm terrible for this kind of interview. Vince Vaughn would be funnier, right?

You're doing fine. Try this: what's your husband's best physical feature?
Um, his heart.

I think it's his hair.
He has a lot of hair.

Who takes longer to do their hair in the morning?
Neither, because we both just have bed hair. I'm very quick. I can get ready in five minutes.

Come on. Really?
Yeah, and I'm 20 minutes in the hair and makeup chair. They call me the quickest actress in the business.

You used to be guarded about your personal life, but recently you've opened up more.
Not really. I think it's just the way it's been interpreted. Basically I'm exactly the same. I have a pretty private life. I don't go to the big parties. I have my work and my life and I keep them separate.

People seem to relate to you a lot more after your divorce.
I suppose we all want to know we're not alone in the dark places. Name something and I've pretty much been through it, and you just have to put one foot in front of the other and at times you think you're not going to be able to do that, and then somehow you keep walking forward.

Are you, like, the queen of Australia?
No, Cate Blanchett is. I'll be the lady in waiting.

Celebrity death match—you or Cate?
I'd vote for Cate. She's amazing.