Newsweek's Foreign Service: Women in Trump's America

Women in Trump's America
The president-elect’s inner circle is virtually all white and male. Newsweek's Foreign Service podcast discusses what that means for the country. Jordan Saville

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Donald Trump does not have the best record with women. During the presidential race, video footage emerged of Trump engaging in what he described as "locker room banter" with TV host Billy Bush in 2005. "Grab them by the pussy," he said. "You can do anything."

His comments appalled millions of men and women across the U.S., but his words did not stop 42 percent of all women voters, and 52 percent of all white women voters casting their ballots for him. Women across America, whether they voted for Trump or not, are now wondering whether the next government will represent their needs and policy concerns once the president-elect enters office on January 20.

So far, Trump has only appointed three women to his cabinet. Are American women going to be well-represented in the Trump administration? Does gender parity in a political cabinet matter? Why did so many women vote for Trump—and what can women who didn't vote for him do to quiet their fears? Newsweek's Mirren Gidda, Lucy Clarke-Billings and Leah McGrath Goodman, along with guest Stacy Hilliard, take a look at these issues.

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