NEWSWEEK Remembers Paul the Octopus

Patrik Stollarz / AFP-Getty Images

Less than six months ago, Paul the Octopus catapulted from a life of obscurity to worldwide fame. Now, Paul has died, at the ripe old octopus age of two.

A common octopus living at the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen, Germany, Paul was able to correctly predict the winner of all Germany's World Cup matches. Prior to the matches, Paul was given two boxes of food, identical except for the flags of the competing teams. The team represented on the box Paul chose to eat from inevitably won the match. His picking prowess made him an international star.

Here at NEWSWEEK, we were just as taken with Paul as was the rest of the news media, and in an attempt to get inside his cephalopodial head, we sought out prestigious pet psychic Catherine Ferguson. In honor of Paul, we present that video yet again. Rest in peace, Paul the Octopus.